Decorations & Amie Screen

As you play with the Pokémon in Pokémon Amie, you will end up getting various decorations. Many of the decorations you get are related to the type of the Pokémon you have been playing with. These decorations can then be put out onto your Pokémon Amie screen, and decorated however you like. Each type has got a specific wallpaper for you to use and each wallpaper has several items to go with it. We're still cataloguing each item and its type.

If you leave Poké Puffs on the floor for the other Pokémon that appear via Friends and Passers by, then you will eventually get given a special items such as Decorations, Wallpapers and even unique PokéPuffs. When you leave out more intricate PokéPuffs, you will receive rarer items.

Below is a list of all the decorations we have found.

Wallpaper Cushion Type 1 Cushion Type 2 Object Type 1 Object Type 2
Normal Wallpaper
Fire Wallpaper
Water Wallpaper
Electric Wallpaper
Grass Wallpaper
Ice Wallpaper
Fighting Wallpaper
Poison Wallpaper
Ground Wallpaper
Flying Wallpaper
Psychic Wallpaper
Bug Wallpaper
Rock Wallpaper
Ghost Wallpaper
Dragon Wallpaper
Dark Wallpaper
Steel Wallpaper
Fairy Wallpaper
Pink Wallpaper
Blue Wallpaper
Orange Wallpaper
Green Wallpaper
Purple Wallpaper
Brown Wallpaper
Yellow Wallpaper
White Wallpaper
Black Wallpaper
Pink Cloud Wallpaper
Blue Cloud Wallpaper
Sunset Wallpaper
Polka Dot Wallpaper
Punk Wallpaper
Checkered Wallpaper
Chic Wallpaper
Chocolate Treat Cushion
Blue Fire Cushion
Red Fire Cushion
White Seashell Cushion
Pink Seashell Cushion
Light Cushion
Leaf Cushion
Leaflet Cushion
Deep Hole Cushion
Blue Target Cushion
Rising Smoke Cushion
Frozen Cushion
Ice Chunk Cushion
Red Target Cushion
Rising Smoke Cushion
Shallow Hole Cushion
White Feather Cushion
Black Feather Cushion
Blue Circle Cushion
Red Circle Cushion
Withered Leaf Cushion
Fallen Leaf Cushion
Ghostly Pumpkin Cushion
Cursed Pumpkin Cushion
Dragon Hill Cushion
Dragon Rock Cushion
Cross-Top Screw Cushion
Slot-Top Screw Cushion
Black Rock Cushion
Cool Black Cushion
Cool Red Cushion
Blue Arch Cushion
Pink Arch Cushion
Pink Egg Cushion
Blue Egg Cushion
Orange Egg Cushion
Green Egg Cushion
Purple Egg Cushion
Brown Egg Cushion
Yellow Egg Cushion
White Egg Cushion
Black Egg Cushion
Pink Cloud Cushion
Blue Cloud Cushion
Orange Cloud Cushion
Polka Dot Candy Cushion
Punk Candy Cushion
Checkered Candy Cushion
Homey Wooden Chair
Mint Ring Cushion
Cream Ring Cushion
Hot Lava Cushion
Cooled Lava Cushion
Blue Drop Cushion
Green Drop Cushion
Shock Cushion
Blue Shock Cushion
Stump Cushion
Trial Log Cushion
Green Poison Cushion
Hard Ground Cushion
Soft Ground Cushion
Snowball Cushion
Ice Ball Cushion
Training Log
Blue Flag Perch
Red Flag Perch
Bent Spoon Cushion
Twisted Spoon Cushion
Gold Ore Cushion
Spooky Sheet Cushion
Gray Yarn Cushion
Yellow Yarn Cushion
Blue Gem Cushion
Purple Gem Cushion
Iron Ore Cushion
Shredded Black Cushion
Shredded Red Cushion
Iron Cushion
Pretty Ball Cushion
Lovely Ball Cushion
Pink Pillar Cushion
Blue Pillar Cushion
Orange Pillar Cushion
Green Pillar Cushion
Purple Pillar Cushion
Brown Pillar Cushion
Yellow Pillar Cushion
White Pillar Cushion
Black Pillar Cushion
Hot Pink Cloud Cushion
Light Blue Cloud Cushion
Soft Orange Cushion
Polka Dot Pillar Cushion
Punk Pillar Cushion
Checkered Pillar Cushion
Comfy Wooden Chair
Normal Heart Object
Fire Heart Object
Water Heart Object
Grass Heart Object
Psychic Heart Object
Fighting Heart Object
Flying Heart Object
Bug Heart Object
Rock Heart Object
Dragon Heart Object
Dark Heart Object
Steel Heart Object
Fairy Heart Object
Pink Star Object
Blue Star Object
Orange Star Object
Green Star Object
Purple Star Object
Brown Star Object
Yellow Star Object
White Star Object
Black Star Object
Pink Star Cloud
Blue Star Cloud
Orange Star Cloud
Polka Dot Star Object
Punk Star Object
Checkered Star Object
Wooden Table
Decorative Treat Object
Campfire Object
Sparkling Pearl Object
Light Bulb Object
Flower Object
Snowman Object
Substitute Cushion
Deadly Poison
Mysterious Cactus
Mysterious Eggs
Mystery Crystal
Honey Object
Sparkling Mineral Object
Will-o'-the-Wisp Candle
Dragon Castle
Nocturnal Chair
Crown Object
Rainbow Parasol
Pink Cube Object
Blue Cube Object
Orange Cube Object
Green Cube Object
Purple Cube Object
Brown Cube Object
Yellow Cube Object
White Cube Object
Black Cube Object
Peach Cloud Table
Sky Blue Cloud Table
Orange Cloud Table
Polka Dot Cube Object
Punk Cube Object
Checkered Cube Object
Wooden Bed