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Pokémon the Movie Coco

The 23rd Pokémon movie was revealed in a preview trailer following the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION. This reveal showcases Ash and Pikachu in a forest with a shrine identical to the shrine in Pokémon 4 Ever. It was then revealed that the movie features the Pokémon Zarude and Celebi


Coco is a young boy raised by a Pokémon. This summer, an all new bond between a Pokémon and a human will be born.

In the depths of a jungle in the middle of nowhere...

We find Okoya Forest, a Pokémon paradise operating with strict laws, where outsiders are not permitted to set foot.

In this forest, young Coco was raised as a Pokémon by the mythical Pokémon Zarude.

Coco is fully convinced that he is a Pokémon, but when he one day meets Satoshi and Pikachu, he's able to make his first ever "human friend".

Am I a Pokémon? Or am I a human?

When danger approaches Okoya Forest, the love between a Pokémon and a human, a father and a son, is put to the test.




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