New Areas

As with FireRed, LeafGreen & Platinum, Heart Gold & Soul Silver take on regions that appeared during previous games. However, like those games, Heart Gold & Soul Silver take those new areas and introduce a variety of new areas for you to get to and explore. This page is to detail all of the new areas found within the games

Pokéathlon Dome

The Pokéathlon Dome is an area accessed by going left in the National Park gate. This are contains the actual Pokéathlon Dome as well as amassive area to the west. This extra area contains a variety of Non Playable Characters whom are training for the Pokéathlon. It also contains the Aprishake Stalls for you to give your Pokémon boosts in their Pokéathlon stats

Cliff's Edge Gate

The Cliff's Edge Gate is probably the first main area that you will discover. It is situated in a cave on the western side of Cianwood City. You cannot enter it until you have defeated Chuck at the Cianwood Gym.

It is a small cave that acts as a passageway into the next route, but it does have a large pond area accessible once you have Rock Climb.

Route 47

Route 47 is the first of two new routes within the land of Johto. It is a cliffside route so there is a lot of climbing involved. It is accessible via the Cliff's Edge Gate

As it is cliff based, there are three different levels you have to navigate in order to get everywhere. There's the top level which eventually leads to Route 48, a middle level that stops half way through the route and the bottom sea level. You can navigate between the three levels through The Cliff Cave. After a point in the game, you may discover the Sinnoh Gym Leader Crasher Wake will be visible here.

There is only one small patch of tall grass in this route. It is up a waterfall and requires you to reach the Waterfall through the bottom level of the route.

At the end of the bottom sea level, you will discover a Rock Climbable part of the cliff-side. Here is where the Embedded Tower is held.

The Cliff Cave

The Cliff Cave is a very small cave placed within Route 47. It features stairs up and down to all three levels to give you further access to Route 47. It has wild Pokémon dwell within it, but you likely will not see them that often

Embedded Tower

The Embedded Tower is placed within the western side of Route 47. It is accessible only through Rock Climb and doesn't hold anything until you have a certain item.

This Tower will hold Kyogre or Groudon in your games. If you're playing HeartGold, you need to get the Blue Orb from Mr. Pokémon and if you're playing SoulSilver, you need to get the Red Orb from him. With these orbs in your pack, Kyogre or Groudon will respectively appear within the Tower. Later, if you have traded to get both Kyogre & Groudon in your game, you can get the Jade Orb from Professor Oak and come back here to face Rayquaza

Route 48

Route 48 is the second and final new route within Johto. It is essentially a passageway route to the Safari Zone Gate & Route 47 and doesn't include much. It has some water in it as well as some tall grass and some trainers for you to face.

Safari Zone Gate

The Safari Zone Gate gives you access to the Safari Zone. It contains a Pokémon Centre and a PokéMart as well as a variety of stalls you can purchase a variety of items from. In the north of the area is the Safari Zone. Click Here for further details on the Safari Zone

You have the ability to fly to the Safari Zone Gate.

Frontier Front

The Frontier Front is another small new area located at the north of Route 40. It contains a Pokémon Centre and a PokéMart as well as a house filled with move tutors. To the north of the Frontier Front is the Battle Frontier.

You have the ability to fly to the Frontier Front.

Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier, while a new area to Johto, is not a new area to Pokémon Players. The Battle Frontier is identical in all ways to the Battle Frontier in Sinnoh introduced in Pokémon Platinum. Click Here for further details on the Battle Frontier

Sinjoh Ruins

The Sinjoh Ruins are unique to the new areas within Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver in that the Sinjoh Ruins are not actually found in Johto or Kanto. Instead, according to the PokéGear map, the Sinjoh Ruins are located in a region north of Johto.

There is very little to this area. You can only get to it if you take a special Arceus to see a hiker in the Ruins of Alph. He will take you into the ruins and you'll be transported to the Sinjoh Ruins. When you exit the ruins, you will find only a small enclosed snowy area with a house that has Cynthia in it as well as a man with an Abra to send you back to New Bark Town.

Take only Arceus to the pedastal in the ruins and you get given either Dialga, Palkia or Giratina. Click here for further details