Here are the pre-release Pictures from Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver. Click the Link to view the picture:

Gold, Chikorita & Silver in New Bark Town
Gold, Chikorita & Silver in New Bark Town
Gold, Chikorita & Silver in New Bark Town
Selecting Your Starter - Chikorita
Gold & Chikorita in New Bark Town
Gold & Cyndaquil in Ecruteak City
Gold & Totodile face off a Rocket by Slowpoke Well
Sprout Tower
Gold & Pikachu Coloured Pichu meet the Spiky Eared Pichu
Selecting Your Starter - Cyndaquil
Selecting Your Starter - Totodile
Navigating the Box via Touch Screen
Navigating the Pack via Touch Screen
Navigating the Pokédex via Touch Screen
Navigating the Status Screen via Touch Screen
Gold & Wobbuffet in a Route
Gold & Steelix in the Ruins of Alph
Gold & Larvitar in a Gate
Gold VS Silver
Team Rocket outside Goldenrod Radio Tower
Team Rocket inside Slowpoke's Well
Gold & Pikachu Coloured Pichu enter Ilex Forest
Gold & Spiky Eared Pichu on a Route
Cynthia tells you Arceus is giving you a choice
Gold meets the Female Trainer and her Marill
Gold & Professor Elm
Selecting Pikachu to send to the PokéWalker
Checking Pikachu on the PokéWalker
Gold & Hoothoot in a Route
Gold & Teddiursa in a Cherrygrove City
Gold & Chikorita in New Bark Town
Gold & Cyndaquil in New Bark Town
Gold & Totodile in New Bark Town
Ho-Oh flies to the Bell Tower
Lugia deep in the Whirl Islands
Igglybuff & Marril VS Notched-Ear Pichu & Pikachu Coloured Pichu. Courtesy of
Gold & Arceus in the Ruins of Alph. Courtesy of
Gold & Arceus enter Sinjoh Ruins. Courtesy of
Arceus is surrounded by Unown. Courtesy of
Ho-Oh on the title screen
Lugia on the title screen
Totodile battles Geodude
Chikorita battles Mareep
Typhlosion & Meganium VS Tyranitar & Feraligatr
Walking through Ecruteak City
Walking through Ecruteak City
An unknown gym, possibly Blackthorn City, puzzle
Facing Morty in Ecruteak Gym
Tyranitar uses Rock Smash in Cianwood City
Surfing in the Lake of Rage
Battling the Red Gyarados
The Pokéathlon Building
The Pokéathlon - Dash Hurdles
The Pokéathlon - Dash Hurdles
The Pokéathlon - Bounce Field
Facing Lugia in Whirl Islands
Facing Lugia in Whirl Islands
Facing Ho-Oh in the Bell Tower
Facing Ho-Oh in the Bell Tower
Coming Across Entei
The Pokéathlon Stats for Cyndaquil
The Pokéathlon Reception
Pokéathlon Event - Dash Hurdles
Pokéathlon Event - Bounce Field
Pokéathlon Event - Snowball Shoot
Pokéathlon Event - Ring Out
Johto As Shown in the PokéGear
The PokéGear Dowsing MCHN
The PokéGear Radio
Dialga uses Metal Burst
Palkia uses Hydro Pump
Giratina uses Shadow Sneak
The New Menu with 2 items registered
Kurt's House
Goldenrod City
Ecruteak City
Gold & Eusine in the Brass Tower
Entei, Raikou & Suicune in the Brass Tower
Your Mom Saves Money
Sending Money to your Mom
A Kimono Girl in Violet City
A Kimono Girl in Ilex Forest
A Kimono Girl facing off a Rocket
The PokéGear Phone
Placing Notes on the Map
The new Azalea Gym
The new Goldenrod Gym
The new Ecruteak Gym
PokéWalk - Selecting Pokémon Captured in PokéWalk
PokéWalk - Details of PokéWalk captured Pokémon
PokéWalk - The Log
VS Kyogre
VS Kyogre
VS Groudon
VS Groudon
VS Rayquaza
VS Rayquaza
The Entrance to the Battle Frontier
Inside the Battle Frontier
The Pokéathlon - Break Block
The Pokéathlon - Charge Relay
The Pokéathlon - Push Circle
The Apricorn Juicer
Finding the Aprishakes
Chikorita's Pokéathlon Stats Are Raised
The Berry Pots
An Apricorn Tree by Kurt's House
The Special Safari Zone area
The Sand Area of the Safari Zone
Customising the Safari Zone
Customising the Safari Zone
The Magnet Train arrives
In Vermillion City Harbour
Professor Oak in Mr. Pokémon's House
The Bug Catching Contest
A Capture in the Bug Catching Contest
On the Bike in Goldenrod
In Goldenrod
In a Pokémon Centre
In Violet City
The New-Look Box
Heading to Kanto
Gold & Typhlosion in Route 1
Gold & Typhlosion in Pallet Town
Olivine City Gym
VS Growlithe
A Wi-Fi Battle
Learning A TM
The Global Trade Station
The Battle Hall
The Wi-Fi Plaza
Entei Headbutts A Tree
A Wi-Fi Battle
A Wi-Fi Battle
Soul Finds Suicune
Violet City Gym
VS Jasmine
Riding A Bike
In a Lookout Point
Gold & Tyranitar