Name Type Strength Effect
Attack Order ★★★★★ No additional effect
Bug Bite ★★ Increases the amount of coins dropped by the opponents
Bug Buzz ★★★★★ Lowers opponent's Defense
Defend Order - Increases user's Defense
Fury Cutter ★★ No additional effect
Heal Order - Can restore up to half the user's HP
Leech Life ★★ Restores your Hit Points when you do damage
Megahorn ★★★★★ No additional effect
Pin Missile ★★ No additional effect
Quiver Dance - Increases the user's Attack, Defense and Speed
Rage Powder - Draws all moves to it
Signal Beam ★★★★ May confuse opponent
Silver Wind ★★★ May raise user's Attack, Speed & Defense
Spider Web - Stops the opponent from moving
Steamroller ★★★ No additional effect
String Shot - Lowers opponent's Speed
Struggle Bug ★★ Lowers the opponent's Attack
Tail Glow - Increases user's Attack
Twineedle ★★★ May poison opponent
U-turn ★★ Removes itself from play after user
X-scissor ★★★★ No additional effect