Name Type Strength Effect
Blast Burn ★★★★★ No additional effect
Blaze Kick ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Blue Flare ★★★★★ Causes opponent to be Burned
Ember ★★★ May burn opponent
Eruption ★★★★★ Increases damage if the user's HP is low
Fiery Dance ★★★★★ Increases the user's Attack
Fire Blast ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Fire Fang ★★★ May cause the opponent to be Burned or to flinch
Fire Pledge ★★★★ Increases damage when used with Water Pledge or Grass Pledge
Fire Punch ★★★★ May burn opponent
Fire Spin ★★ No additional effect
Flame Burst ★★ No additional effect
Flame Charge ★★ Increases the user's Speed
Flame Wheel ★★★ May burn opponent
Flamethrower ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Flare Blitz ★★★★★ May burn the opponent. Damages the user.
Fusion Flare ★★★★★ Does more damage when used with Fusion Bolt
Heat Crash ★★★★ Increases damage done if the opponent is lighter than the user
Heat Wave ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Incinerate Destroys coins left behind by opponents after knocking them out
Inferno ★★★★★ Burns the opponent
Lava Plume ★★★★ May burn the opponent
Magma Storm ★★★★★ No additional effect
Overheat ★★★★★ Lowers user's Attack
Sacred Fire ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Searing Shot ★★★★★ Burns opponent
V-create ★★★★★ Lowers user's Speed & Defense
Will-o-wisp ★★ May burn the opponent