Name Type Strength Effect
Acupressure - Increases user's Attack, Defense and Speed.
After You - All opponents attack before you
Barrage ★★ No additional effect
Belly Drum - Cuts the user's HP by 50% of maximum. Increases the user's Attack
Bide - Does damage based on the damage you receive from attacks
Bind No additional effect
Block - Makes the opponent unable to move
Body Slam ★★★★★ May paralyse the opponent
Charm - Lowers opponent's Attack
Chip Away ★★ Ignores the opponent's stat changes
Comet Punch ★★ No additional effect
Constrict May lower opponent's Speed
Covet ★★★ Increases the amount of coins dropped by the opponents
Crush Claw ★★★★ Lowers opponent's Defense
Crush Grip ★★★★★ Does more damage the higher the opponent's HP
Cut ★★ No additional effect
Defense Curl - Increases the user's Defense
Disable - Disables the opponent's move
Dizzy Punch ★★★ May confuse opponent
Double Hit ★★★ No additional effect
Double Team - Increases user's Evasion
Double-edge ★★★★★ Does damage to the user
Doubleslap ★★ No additional effect
Echoed Voice Does more damage if used with partners
Egg Bomb ★★★★ No additional effect
Endeavor ★★★★ Takes the opponent's HP down to your HP
Endure - Allows you to survive to 1 Hit Point when attacked
Explosion ★★★★★ Knocks out the user.
Extremespeed ★★★★ No additional effect
Facade ★★ Doubles damage if user is affected by a status condition
Fake Out ★★ Causes the opponent to flinch
False Swipe ★★ Leaves the target with at least 1 HP
Flail ★★★ Does more damage the lower the user's HP
Flash - Lowers the opponent's Accuracy
Focus Energy - Increases chances of critical hits
Follow Me - Makes opponents focus on you
Frustration ★★★★★ If a Pokémon who hasn't attacked for a long time uses this move, the move's damage is increased
Fury Attack ★★ No additional effect
Fury Swipes ★★ No additional effect
Giga Impact ★★★★★ No additional effect
Glare - Paralyses opponent
Growl - Lowers the opponent's Attack
Growth - Increases user's Attack
Guillotine ★★★★★ Knocks out the opponent if it hits
Harden - Increases user's Defense
Head Charge ★★★★★ No additional effect
Headbutt ★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Heal Bell - Heals allies status effects
Helping Hand - Increases the strength of partners by 50%
Hidden Power ★★★ Does different damage depending on the Pokémon species
Horn Attack ★★ No additional effect
Horn Drill ★★★★★ Knocks the opponent out if the attack hits
Howl - Increases the user's Attack
Hyper Beam ★★★★★ No additional effect
Hyper Fang ★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Hyper Voice ★★★ No additional effect
Judgment ★★★★★ No additional effect
Last Resort ★★★★★ Damage may increase when you use it
Leer - Lowers opponent's Defense
Lock-on - Makes sure you hit the opponent
Lovely Kiss - Makes opponent fall asleep
Mean Look - Stops the opponent from moving
Mega Kick ★★★★★ No additional effect
Mega Punch ★★ No additional effect
Milk Drink - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Mind Reader - Makes sure you hit the opponent
Minimize - Makes it harder for opponents to damage the user
Moonlight - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Morning Sun - Heals 50% of Hit Points
Nature Power - Attack varies depending on location
Pain Split - Averages your HP and opponent's HP
Pay Day ★★ Increases the amount of coins dropped by the opponents
Perish Song - User and opponent cannot attack for a while
Pound ★★ No additional effect
Present ★★★ Can damage or heal opponent
Protect - Protects the user from damage
Quick Attack ★★ No additional effect
Rage Does less damage the higher your HP
Rapid Spin No additional effect
Razor Wind ★★★★★ No additional effect
Recover - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Reflect Type - Makes the user the same type as the opponent
Refresh - Heals all status ailments
Relic Song ★★★★★ May put opponent to sleep. Changes user's form
Retaliate ★★★★ No additional effect
Return ★★★★★ More powerful the longer the Pokémon has been out in battle
Roar - Knocks the opponent back
Rock Climb ★★★★★ May confuse opponent
Round ★★ Increases damage if partners also use this move
Safeguard - Prevents status afflictions
Scary Face - Lowers opponent's Speed
Scratch ★★ No additional effect
Screech - Lowers opponent's Defense
Secret Power ★★★ Has different effects depending on terrain; Causes Sleep in Forest, Green & Beach Areas, Causes Paralysis in Tower & Magma Areas & Battle Royale. Causes opponent to be dizzy in Cave Areas
Selfdestruct ★★★ Knocks you out and damages opponents
Sharpen - Increases user's Attack
Shell Smash - No additional effect
Sing - Makes opponent fall asleep
Sketch - Makes this move the move last used by the opponent
Skull Bash ★★★★★ Increases user's Defense
Slack Off - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Slam ★★ No additional effect
Slash ★★★★ No additional effect
Smellingsalt ★★ Increases damage if the target is paralysed
Smokescreen - Lowers opponent's accuracy
Softboiled - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Sonicboom ★★ Does fixed damage of 20
Spike Cannon ★★★★ No additional effect
Splash - No additional effect
Stomp ★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Strength ★★★★ No additional effect
Struggle Inflicts damage on the user
Substitute - Lowers your HP but creates a substitute
Super Fang ★★★ Halves opponent's HP
Supersonic - Confuses opponent
Swagger - Increases strength but confuses user
Sweet Kiss - Confuses opponent
Sweet Scent - Lowers opponent's Evasion
Swift ★★★ Homes in on enemies
Swords Dance - Incrases the user's Attack
Tackle No additional effect
Tail Slap ★★★ No additional effect
Tail Whip - Lowers opponent's Defense
Take Down ★★★★ Damages yourself
Techno Blast ★★★★★ No addition effect
Teeter Dance - Confuses opponent
Thrash ★★★★★ Causes confusion
Tickle - Lowers opponent's Attack & Defense
Transform - Transforms into the target pokémon
Tri Attack ★★★★ Has multiple possible effects; Burn, Paralysis or Freeze
Uproar ★★★★ Wakes up sleeping opponents
Vicegrip ★★ No additional effect
Weather Ball ★★ No additional effect
Whirlwind - Knocks the opponent back
Wish - Heals the user's HP by up to 50%
Work Up - Increases user's Attack
Wrap No additional effect
Wring Out ★★★★★ Does more damage the higher the opponent's HP
Yawn - Makes opponent fall asleep