Name Type Strength Effect
Assurance ★★★ Does double damage if user has been knocked back
Beat Up ★★ Does more damage for each toy collected
Bite ★★ May make opponent flinch
Crunch ★★★★ May lower opponent's Defense
Dark Pulse ★★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Dark Void - Puts the opponent to sleep
Faint Attack ★★ No additional effect
Fake Tears - Lowers opponent's Defense
Flatter - Increases power but confuses user
Fling ★★★ Throws coins at the opponent
Foul Play ★★★★ Increases damage based on opponent's Attack stat
Hone Claws - Increases the user's Attack & Accuracy
Knock Off ★★ Gives more money when you defeat an enemy
Nasty Plot - Increases user's Attack
Night Daze ★★★★★ Lowers the opponent's Accuracy
Night Slash ★★★★ No additional effect
Payback ★★★ Doubles damage if the user has just been hit
Punishment ★★★ Increases damage if stats have been affected
Pursuit ★★ Doubles damage if you hit the opponent from behind
Snarl ★★★ Lowers the opponent's Attack
Sucker Punch ★★★ No additional effect
Thief ★★ Increases the money dropped by the opponent
Torment - Can't use the same attack twice