Name Type Strength Effect
Aurora Beam ★★★ May lower opponent's Attack
Avalanche ★★ Inflicts double damage if the user has just been damaged
Blizzard ★★★★★ May freeze opponent
Freeze Shock ★★★★★ May paralyze opponent
Frost Breath ★★★ Makes your opponent dizzy
Glaciate ★★★★★ Lowers opponent's Speed
Haze - Removes stat changes to all within range
Ice Ball ★★★ Hits until no more enemies get hit
Ice Beam ★★★★★ May freeze the opponent
Ice Burn ★★★★★ May burn opponent
Ice Fang ★★★★ May freeze opponent or cause opponent to flinch
Ice Punch ★★★★ May freeze the opponent
Ice Shard ★★ No additional effect
Icicle Crash ★★★★★ Causes the opponent to flinch
Icicle Spear ★★ No additional effect
Icy Wind ★★★ Lowers opponent's Speed
Mist - Prevents stat changes
Powder Snow ★★ May freeze opponent.
Sheer Cold ★★★★★ Knocks out the opponent if it hits