Name Type Strength Effect
Draco Meteor ★★★★★ Lowers user's Attack
Dragon Claw ★★★★ No additional effect
Dragon Dance - Increases user's Attack & Speed
Dragon Pulse ★★★★ No additional effect
Dragon Rage ★★ Does fixed damage of 40
Dragon Rush ★★★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Dragon Tail ★★★★ Knocks the opponent back
Dragonbreath ★★★ May paralyse the opponent
Dual Chop ★★★ No additional effect
Outrage ★★★★★ Causes Confusion
Roar Of Time ★★★★★ No additional effect
Spacial Rend ★★★★★ May cause opponent to get Dizzy
Twister ★★ Causes opponent to Flinch