Name Type Strength Effect
Astonish ★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Confuse Ray - Confuses opponent
Curse - For Ghost types; Afflicts opponents with a curse which saps HP
Non-Ghost types; Increases user's Attack and Defense but lowers the user's Speed
Destiny Bond - While the effect is in place, opponents that defeat you or you defeat won't be able to attack
Hex ★★ Does more damage if opponent is affected by a status affliction
Lick ★★ May paralyse the opponent
Night Shade ★★ Damage changes based on the opponent
Ominous Wind ★★★ May raise user's Attack & Defense
Shadow Ball ★★★★ Lowers opponent's Defense
Shadow Claw ★★★★ No additional effect
Shadow Force ★★★★★ Disappears from the field briefly, then lunges forward
Shadow Punch ★★ No additional effect
Shadow Sneak ★★ No additional effect