Name Type Strength Effect
Bolt Strike ★★★★★ Prevents the opponent from moving
Charge - Increases user's Defense. Increases power of Electric-type moves
Charge Beam ★★★ May raise the user's Attack
Discharge ★★★★ May paralyse the opponent
Electro Ball ★★★★ Increases damage the higher the opponent's Speed
Electroweb ★★ Lowers opponent's Speed
Fusion Bolt ★★★★★ Does more damage when used with Fusion Flame
Shock Wave ★★ No additional effect
Spark ★★★ May paralyse the opponent
Thunder ★★★★★ May paralyse opponent
Thunder Fang ★★★ May paralyse opponent or make opponent flinch
Thunder Wave - Paralyses opponent
Thunderbolt ★★★★ No additional effect
Thunderpunch ★★★★ May paralyse opponent
Thundershock ★★ May paralyse the opponent
Volt Switch ★★ No additional effect
Volt Tackle ★★★★★ May cause the opponent to be Paralysed. Damages the user
Wild Charge ★★★★ Inflicts damage on the user
Zap Cannon ★★★★★ May make the opponent unable to move