Gold from New Bark Town

Age: 11 (By Chapter 180)
Birthday: 21st July
Title: None
Qualifications: None
Special Skills: Pokémon Hatching

has these Pokémon on his Team:

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained
Typhlo ♂
Level 43
Evolved From Quilava in Chapter: VS. Lugia (Part 3)!
Aipro ♂
Level 42
Obtained Prior to Chapter: VS. Murkrow!
Politro ♂
Level 43
Got back from in Chapter: VS. Piloswine!
Mantro ♂
Level 28
Captured in Whirl Islands in Chapter: VS. Lugia (Part 2)!
Remoraid (Multiple)
Attached To His Mantine
Obtained from Fisherman Wilton in Chapter: VS Lugia (Part 2)!
Sudro ♂
Level 44
Joined Gold's Party in Chapter: VS. Sudowoodo!
Sunflo ♀
Level 39
Evolved from Sunkern in Chapter: The Last Battle VI!

has these Pokémon In The Box:

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained
Togero ♂
Level 25
Hatched From Egg in Chapter: VS. Gligar!
Captured in New Bark Town in Chapter: VS. Murkrow!
Hatched from Egg in Chapter: The Last Battle XII!

Pokémon Has Had:

Pokémon Picture Episode Obtained
Kingdra ♀
Evolved from Seadra in Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Traded back to for Politoed in Chapter: VS. Piloswine!
Seadra ♀
Traded with for Poliwhirl in Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Evolved into Kingdra in Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Typhlo ♂
Evolved from Cyndaquil in Chapter: VS. Quilava!
Evolved into Typhlosion in Chapter: VS. Luiga (Part 3)!
Typhlo ♂
Obtained from Prof. Elm in Chapter: VS. Sneasel!
Evolved into Quilava in Chapter: VS. Quilava!
Caught in Chapter: VS. Donphan!
Released in Chapter: VS. Donphan!
Politro ♂
Evolved from Poliwag prior to Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Evolved into Politoed in Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Politro ♂
Obtained prior to Chapter: VS. Murkrow!
Evolved into Poliwhirl prior to Chapter: VS. Ampharos!
Sunflo ♀
Captured in Violet City Countryside in Chapter: VS. Sunkern!
Evolved into Sunflora in Chapter: The Last Battle VI
Obtained in Chapter: The Last Battle XII
Released in Chapter: The Last Battle XIV!


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