Garchomp, The Mach Pokémon. Its body is covered in fine scales that reduce drag, enabling it to fly at high speeds. When it folds up its body and extends its wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed. It never allows its prey to escape. It is said that when one runs at high speed, its wings create blades of wind that can fell nearby trees.


One of the best Dragon Pokémon and best Pokémon in general, Garchomp is infamous for being banned from 4th gen OU, as it was deemed more or less impossible to counter. Huge Attack, a unique base Speed, pretty bulky for a sweeper, a good movepool, amazing STABs... this all adds up to one fo the most terrifying Pokémon in the game. It has cool abilities too, and a wicked design.


Sand Veil: gives you 20% evasion when there is a sandstorm. A great ability that allows Garchomp to pair perfectly with Tyranitar. The 20% evasion can give you some serious luck hax, which is always good when it is supporting you.
Rough Skin: 12% damage to the opponent whenever they hit you with a direct attack? Yes please! Honestly, this is a cool ability, although most attacks aimed at Garchomp will probably be Ice Beam. It's useful, but I like the hax factor of Sand Veil.


Dancing Shark

- Swords Dance
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast / Fire Fang
Item Attached: Yache Berry / Haban Berry / Life Orb
Ability: Sand Veil / Rough Skin
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -Satk)

Swords Dance doubles Garchomp's Attack, which is always good. Outrage is Garchomp's strongest attack, and it really is insanely powerful. Don't abuse it though, as you're just begging to be stopped by a Steel, which is where our next two moves come in. Earthquake is Garchomp's second STAB attack, and it decimates most Steels and is another incredible attack. Fire Blast takes out Forretress and Ferrothorn, as well as Bronzong and Skarmory. It's a great move that gives you perfect coverage, hitting neutral damage on everything. Fire Fang is an option if you want a physical attack.
Yache Berry protects you from Ice attacks. Haban Berry saves you from ScarfChomp, and Life Orb boosts all your damage. Go with what you want.


- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Fire Blast
Item Attached: Choice Scarf / Choice Band
Ability: Sand Veil / Rough Skin
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, - SAtk)

Hit fast, hit hard. That's what ChoiceChomp does. Outrage is silly good, but don't use it until you are sure you have removed their Steel Pokémon, or at least weakened it enough that it can no longer wall you. Earthquake is your most reliable move, being stupidly strong, 100% accurate, and gaining STAB. Stone Edge hits Gyarados and Zapdos harder than Outrage, and doesn't have the confusion side effect. Fire Blast decimates Ferrothorn and Forretress. Choice Scarf makes Garchomp into one of the best revenge killers in the game, but Choice Band makes Garchomp into one of the most threatening Pokémon in the game. Take your pick, both are good.


- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Swords Dance
- Outrage / Dragon Claw / Dragon Tail
Item Attached: Leftovers
Ability: Sand Veil
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 236 HP / 112 SDef / 160 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

Something I designed in 4th gen that I'm sure still works now. I say designed, I probably wasn't the first person to come up with it, but I was the first person I knew who thought of it. Anyway, it makes the perfect last Pokémon. Rest and Sleep Talk keep you healthy and fighting, with Swords Dance there to help you deal more damage. Outrage is your most powerful move and works with Sleep Talk, and doesn't get locked. However, Dragon Claw is an option if you want something that you can use outside of sleep without fear of being locked in and confused. Dragon Tail works if you want to abuse entry hazards. Honestly, I've won a lot of games because of this Pokémon. Although Sand Veil is really nice, Rough Skin would have been perfect. Sadly, due to it being a Dream World ability, it is illegal with Sleep Talk.


- Substitute
- Swords Dance
- Outrage / Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
Item Attached: Brightpowder
Ability: Sand Veil
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

Abuse evasion and annoy your opponent so much that they have to make a mistake. Basically, this set relies on evasion. Substitute adds to the idea of evasion, as you will be evading damage with the Substitute. It also means you can safely boost your Attack with Swords Dance. Outrage is your strongest attack, but you don't want to be locked into it without a Substitute up, so Dragon Claw is always there. Earthquake is Earthquake.

EVs & Natures

Dancing Shark
Max Attack and max Speed. You could bulk it up, but it isn't really worth it.

Again, max Attack and max Speed is what you want.

Max Leftovers and huge bulk, enough Special Defence to take an Ice Beam from pretty much any bulky Water. In fact, it survives a 299 Special Attack Ice Beam, so anything below that is easy. The Speed allows you to outrun base 90s, although you could drop that and add something into Attack or Defence. To be honest, running Adamant and 16 Speed is enough, and then you could seriously bulk Garchomp out.

Max Attack and max Speed, with 4 in Defence as 4 in HP would only allow you to make three Substitutes.

Other Options

Hone Clws, Dual Chop, Draco Meteor, Stealth Rock, Toxic
Hone Claws can be useful with Stone Edge, Fire Blast and Dragon Rush, but it is basically an inferior Swords Dance.
Dual Chop is a cool new move that allows you to break Substitutes thanks to it hitting twice. Only really useful for Whimsicott.
Draco Meteor hits physically strong Pokémon really hard, but it gets such small use, it isn't worth it. It was used a little in early 4th gen on the ChainChomp set, but really... just use physical attacks.
Stealth Rock is always a great move, but it is a wasted move on Garchomp. Focus on destruction with Garchomp, not on setting up entry hazards. I guess you could make some lead set with it but... yeah, not worth it.
Toxic is another move that is sort of wasted on Garchomp, although it does ruin its counters in OU and ubers. I'd rather use strong attacks personally, but it is an option.

Double & Triple Battle Options

STAB Earthquake? Yes please! Sand Veil? Brilliant! A generally great Pokémon? Ideal! Yeah, Garchomp is effective in multiple Pokémon battles. Combined with Sandstorm, you have a nice 20% evasion. You have one of the strongest Earthquakes in the game, as well as strong attacks in general. Rock Slide, strong Dragon attacks, nice bulk, not weak to Surf and Earthquake? It's all good. However, Hail is very popular in doubles, which means Blizzard is just as common. Blizzard wrecks Garchomp. Don't be disheartened, Garchomp is still great, but beware of Blizzard.


Tyranitar and Hippowdon set up Sandstorm. Sandstorm helps Garchomp so much, you have no idea. Also, entry hazards are pretty much Garchomp's best friends. Stealth Rock, Spikes and Toxic Spikes really hurt common physical sponges. Pokémon that can remove Steels types are great. Magnezone, Heatran, Steels you want out of the way. A way of removing faster Dragon Pokémon is also cool, such as Ice Shard. Tyranitar isn't just great for Sandstorm, the fact that it can remove Pokémon like Starmie with Pursuit makes it really, really useful. .

Countering Garchomp

Steel Pokémon that aren't hit by Earthquake are great counters. Skarmory, Bronzong, Forretress, Ferrorthorn, they all work. Whimsicott can Encore Garchomp's Swords Dance and force it to waste its turns whilst you bring in a counter. Being hit by burn ruins Garchomp. Actually, most statuses ruin Garchomp. Paralysis takes away Garchomp's awesome Speed, and Poison really wears Garchomp down. Air Balloon is dangerous for Garchomp as Earthquake is its most reliable move, and it'll want to use it often. Lati@s outruns Garchomp and can really hurt Garchomp with their STAB Dragon moves. Cresselia takes anything Garchomp can dish out and hit back with a strong Ice Beam. Counters for Garchomp are few and far between. Revenge killing is the best way of getting rid of the land shark, so make sure you are always prepared for this threatening physical beast.

Locations in Games

Not in game.

Not in game.

Not in game.

Evolve Gabite.

Evolve Gabite.

Transfer from DPPtHGSS

Animé Appearences

Garchomp has had a few Animé Appearences. In them, it was almost always under the control of the Sinnoh champion; Cynthia.

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
508 Top-Down Training! Champion Cynthia Appears! Pics
519 Glory Blaze Chimchar VS Zangoose! Battle of Fate! Pics
559 One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! The Final Showdown! Pokémon Triathlon! Pics
564 Losing Its Lustrous The Charge of Team Galactic!! (Part One) Pics
565 Double Team Turnover! The Charge of Team Galactic!! (Part Two) Pics
568 Aiding the Enemy Turtwig, Grotle...& Torterra! Pics
588 Not Aired Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon Pics
M12 Arceus & The Jewel of Life Arceus - Towards Conquering Space-Time Pics
620 The Battle Finale of Legend! Dialga and Palkia! The Final Battle!! Pics
648 Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port Ash VS Kenny! Setting Sail for Each Destination! Pics
M13 Zoroark - Master of Illusions Phantom Champion Zoroark Pics
654 Familiarity Breeds Strategy! Rival Decisive Battle! Ash VS Paul! Pics
659 Memories Are Made of Bliss Memories are Pearl! Friendships are Diamond! Pics
746 All For The Love of Meloetta Sing, Meloetta! The Melody of Love!! Pics
751 Jostling for the Junior Cup! The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Dragonite VS Beartic!! Pics
758 Unova's Survival Crisis Advance of the Therian Formes! Unova's Greatest Crisis!! Pics
805 Lumiose City Pursuit! Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower! Pics
806 A Battle of Aerial Mobility! Froakie VS Fletchling! Air Maneuver Battle!! Pics
S35 Pokémon Mega Evolution Special I Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act 1~ Pics
843 Day Three Blockbusters! Serena VS Shauna! PokéVision Showdown!! Pics
865 The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! Protect the Future of Science! The Labyrinth of Electricity!! Pics
S37 Pokémon Mega Evolution III Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act III~ Pics
871 Garchomp's Mega Bond! Mega Evolution is Being Targeted! The Bond with Garchomp!! Pics
929 Valuable Experience for All! Mega Sceptile VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!! Pics
930 Analysis Versus Passion! Semifinal Full Battle! Ash VS Sawyer!! Pics
932 Kalos League Passion With a Certain Flare! Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!! Pics
935 A Towering Takeover! Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!! Pics
936 Coming Apart at the Dreams! The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! Pics
938 Rocking Kalos Defenses! The Megalith Advances! A Fight to Protect Kalos!! Pics
939 Forming a More Perfect Union! Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!! Pics
940 Battling With a Clean Slate! We Start at Zero! Clemont's Decision!! Pics

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