#730 Primarina
Gen VII Dex

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Lana's Primarina

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1063 The One That Didn't Get Away! Lana Hooks a Kyogre?! Pics
1064 A Recipe for Success! Mallow's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!! Pics
1065 Spying for the Big Guy! You're Being Watched! Team Rocket's Alola Forms!! Pics
1066 A Fiery Training Camp Trick! Master the Z-Move! Kiawe's Fierce Boot Camp!! Pics
1067 Living on the Cutting Edge! Perfect Sharpness! Kartana has Arrived! Pics
1070 Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams! Gladion & Lillie! Chasing a Father's Phantom!! Pics
1071 League Offenders and Defenders! The Curtain Rises! The Alola Pokémon League!! Pics
1073 Battling Besties! Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! Pics
1074 The Battlefield of Truth and Love! Jessie VS James! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!! Pics
1076 TBC A Birdacious Battle! Brave Bird VS Sky Attack!! Pics
1077 TBC Everyone's Fully Powered! The Road to the Semifinals!! Pics
1078 TBC The Semifinals! Kiawe VS Gladion! Pics
1079 TBC Rising Fire! More Than One Rival!! Pics
1080 TBC Guzma the Undefeated! Pics
1081 TBC The Finals! The Ultimate Rival Showdown!! Pics
1082 TBC He's Born! The Alolan League Winner! Pics
1083 TBC Guzzlord Attacks! Decisive Z-Move Battle!! Pics
1084 TBC Final Battle! Ash VS Kukui!! Pics
1085 TBC Burn with Passion! Get Filled with Intensity! A Full Battle!!! Pics
1086 TBC Conclusion! Incineroar VS Torracat!! Pics
1087 TBC The Greatest Z in Alola! Tapu Koko VS Pikachu! Pics
1088 TBC The Sun, the Moon and Everyone's Dreams! Pics
1089 TBC Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!! Pics

Aia's Primarina

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1049 Evolving Research! We Have the Sea and We Have Valleys! Pokémon Evolution Training!! Pics

Special/Other Trainers's Primarina

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1006 Pushing the Fiery Envelope! Burn with Passion, Litten! Down with Incineroar!! Pics
1024 A Young Royal Flame Ignites! The Young Flame of Alola! The Birth of Royal Ash!! Pics

Wild Primarina

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1027 The Shape of Love to Come! The Shape of Family: Poipole's Feelings! Pics

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