Battle Tower - Trainers and Leaders

As with all Battle facilities, there are dozens of trainers you can face in the Battle Tower. However, there's a difference in how they're determined compared to previous games. Rather than just delving from a pool of Pokémon, each Trainer has got a pool of teams that it can pick from, allowing for more team cohesiveness and for the teams to cover their own weaknesses.

The trainers will also get more powerful Pokémon as you progress through, and when you go into Masters.

At Streaks of 21 and 49, you will face the Tower Tycoon in Singles, and in Masters you will frequently go up against Leaders at the end of every 7th Streak. These include Gym Leaders

In Doubles, when you hit Masters, you will start facing against two trainers at a time with varying sets that complement eachother and will face pairs of Leaders at the end of each streak. These include Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Battle Partners and even Team Galactic