The Super Contests

The Super Contests were originally in the original Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and make a return in these games. Like before, the contests are divided into 5 categories: Coolness, Cuteness, Beauty, Toughness, Cleverness, and there are ranks of Normal, Great, Ultra and Master to work through

You'll be unable to participate in the higher ranks until you've completed the lower ranks. You'll get given a Ribbon for each Master Rank completion and if you complete all 5 Master Ranks with a single Pokémon, you will get the Contest Star Ribbon.

You will also get Stickers themed around each type of Contest after you're "Star of the Show" in each contest. Normal, Great, Ultra and Master give you the type's Stickers A, B, C & D respectively.

After you have completed the Elite Four, you will gain access to the Brilliant or Shining Contest depending on your game. This Contest is only playable with a Pokémon with a Contest Star Ribbon and featurs trainers such as Jasmine & Fantina as opponents. As it has no set focus your Pokémon's Capsules truly factor in. Completion of Master Rank gives you a Twinkling Star Ribbon

There is also an area that allows for you to participate in Super Contests locally or online with other players.

Super Contests

Contest Hall Rank

As you complete successful contests, the Hall Rank will improve. As the Hall Rank increases, the Hall will get set up with more decorations. There are a total of four ranks to complete

Rank 1Rank 1
Rank 1Rank 2
Rank 1Rank 3
Rank 1Rank 4
Super Contests

List of Super Contest Stats


A Pokémon's condition is a major component of the Visual Evaluation part of the contest. This is a special stat that increases based on the amount of Poffin you feed the Pokémon and the Strength of the Poffin. The Poffin's Level is relative to the boost that you give it so use the strongest Poffin to get the stat boosted

Poffin that match the Favorite Food of a Pokémon will increase more of a stat. Its favourite food is shown on the Status screen and is based upon the Pokémon's nature.

For every Poffin you feed your Pokémon, its Sheen goes up. When its Sheen reaches the maximum of 12, then it can no longer eat any Poffin so choose the Poffin wisely.


Contest Moves

For these games, the structure of how moves work has changed. Rather than each move being ideal for a specific type of contest and inflicting effects on yourself or the other Pokémon within, each move can be used in any contest and there's only a handul of effects. Each move does have a specific amonut of Hype Points it can provide as well

The effects are:
For 5/10/15 seconds, missed notes will not be judged.
Groove will not drop for 5/10/15 seconds.
For 10 seconds, it will be a bit easier to fill up the Heart Gauge.
For 10 seconds, it will be easier to fill up the Heart Gauge.
For 10 seconds, it will be much easier to fill up the Heart Gauge.
Hype Points gained will increase by 1/2/3 if groove is positive.
Hype Points gained will increase by 1/2/3 if groove is negative.
You will receive 1-5 Hype Points, depending on the Pokémon's groove.

You can only bring one move to the Contest.


List of Super Contest Stages

Visual Evaluation

The visual evaluation is the first part of the Super Contests. This bases your Pokémon's evaluation solely on its contest stats. These are increased using Poffin. The capsule decoration also fits in, with each seal being more beneficial for certain Contests.

If you have a Pokémon hold the Scarf related to the Contest type, it will get a slight increase

The stickers can give a special boost depending on the Contest type. Each Sticker will give a boost as standard, but adding beneficial stickers will have an increased boost and can add up to a full heart if 20 beneficial stickers are added. Click here for full details on stickers

Visual Evaluation

Dance Evaluation

The second stage is the Dance Evaluation. This is the major stage where you get the points. To do it, you need to press the button in time with the music and the bar going along below. The better your timing, the better the points. When you hit a note, the gauge in your icon will increase and when it fills, it will send the Heart Gauge up

When you hit the notes successfully in combos, you increase your groove and when you miss you decrease it. This is denoted by the arrows by your Pokémon. Orange up arrows mean positive groove and Blue down arrows mean negative groove. This can be utilised by a variety of moves for the Move Evaluation.

To complete the contest, you need to get the bar up to a certain point by all players performing well. If you fail, the contest fails regardless.

Dance Evaluation

Move Evaluation

The Move Evaluation is part of the Dance Evaluation. At any point during the dance, you can activate your Contest Move to get its effect. Make sure to activate it when the effect is primed, such as moves that boost when you have Positive Groove only when you have a positive groove

You can also combo moves. If all the players use their moves in succession, it can create more groove points.

Move Evaluation

Star of the Contest

At the end, your final rank is determined based on your Visual stats, Dance stats and how well executed your move was. The player with the highest amount of points will be classed Star of the Contest. You need to succeed at the Contest and win Star of the Contest to move up to the next rank.

Star of the Contest