Battle Tower

Like all Pokémon games, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl has got a post-game battle facility. After you have received the National Pokédex, you'll gain access to the Battle Park. This Battle Tower is run by Palmer, the father of your rival.

This Battle Tower returns to the standard structure where you go in for 7 battles at a time and need to keep a streak going. At the end of each streak you will receive Battle Points, and even Rare Candy.

Battle Tower

Battle Tower - Trainers and Leaders

As with all Battle facilities, there are dozens of trainers you can face in the Battle Tower. However, there's a difference in how they're determined compared to previous games. Rather than just delving from a pool of Pokémon, each Trainer has got a pool of teams that it can pick from, allowing for more team cohesiveness and for the teams to cover their own weaknesses.

The trainers will also get more powerful Pokémon as you progress through, and when you go into Masters

At Streaks of 21 and 49, you will face the Tower Tycoon in Singles, and in Masters you will frequently go up against Leaders at the end of every 7th Streak. These include Gym Leaders

In Doubles, when you hit Masters, you will start facing against two trainers at a time with varying sets that complement eachother and will face pairs of Leaders at the end of each streak. These include Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Battle Partners and even Team Galactic

Each move by each trainer has been boosted by PP Max.

Battle Tower - Shop

Like all Battle Facilities, the Battle Tower has several shops outside in the Battle Park which will allow for you to purchase various rare items, evolution items, and competitive items. While many competitive items have been omitted from the game

Left Counter
Ability Patch200 BP
Ability Capsule50 BP
Bottle Cap25 BP
Rare Candy20 BP
PP Up10 BP
Protein1 BP
Calcium1 BP
Iron1 BP
Zinc1 BP
Carbos1 BP
Lucky Egg77 BP
Power Bracer10 BP
Power Belt10 BP
Power Lens10 BP
Power Band10 BP
Power Anklet10 BP
Power Weight10 BP
Pomeg Berry1 BP
Kelpsy Berry1 BP
Qualot Berry1 BP
Hondew Berry1 BP
Grepa Berry1 BP
Tamato Berry1 BP
Life Orb25 BP
Toxic Orb16 BP
Flame Orb16 BP
White Herb15 BP
Mental Herb15 BP
Power Herb15 BP
Bright Powder48 BP
Choice Band25 BP
Choice Specs25 BP
Choice Scarf25 BP
Muscle Band48 BP
Focus Band48 BP
Focus Sash15 BP
Scope Lens48 BP
Light Clay15 BP
Lucky Punch7 BP
Razor Claw5 BP
Razor Fang5 BP
Protector5 BP
Reaper Cloth5 BP
Upgrade5 BP
Dubious Disc5 BP
Lonely Mint50 BP
Adamant Mint50 BP
Naughty Mint50 BP
Brave Mint50 BP
Bold Mint50 BP
Impish Mint50 BP
Lax Mint50 BP
Relaxed Mint50 BP
Modest Mint50 BP
Mild Mint50 BP
Rash Mint50 BP
Quiet Mint50 BP
Calm Mint50 BP
Gentle Mint50 BP
Careful Mint50 BP
Sassy Mint50 BP
Timid Mint50 BP
Hasty Mint50 BP
Jolly Mint50 BP
Naive Mint50 BP
Serious Mint50 BP
Right Counter
 TM0448 BP
 TM0632 BP
 TM0848 BP
 TM2680 BP
 TM3064 BP
 TM3140 BP
 TM3680 BP
 TM4040 BP
 TM4532 BP
 TM5364 BP
 TM5980 BP
 TM6132 BP
 TM7180 BP
 TM7332 BP
 TM8164 BP
 TM9332 BP
 TM9440 BP
 TM9564 BP
TM9600 BP
TM9732 BP
TM9840 BP
TM9964 BP
TM10032 BP