Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift is a feature that has gradually become more and more frequently used. It is commonly used to allow for the distribution of events for both Pokémon and Items and will continue to be prominently used

Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift makes a return in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. However this time there are two different ways to get it. First, the feature is automatically unlocked after you have defeated the Veilstone City Gym. There is a way to get it earlier, though. If you go to Jubilife City's TV Station, on 3F you will find a TV producer who will ask you what your favourite show is. If you answer "Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection", then you will get the Mystery Gift feature early

Get A Mystery Gift

When you enter Mystery Gift you will be presented with three different options on how to proceed. These are all in order to retrieve various events and the methods used depends on the location and type of the event. This time, rather than having to get the gift from a person in the Pokémon Center, they'll just be put automatically into your Pokémon Box or inventory. These methods have been reduced in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl with Local and Battle Stadium being removed

Get via Internet

Get from Internet is one of the more commonly used features. From time to time, various events will be held online to celebrate various things such as anniversaries or product releases. This feature allows for you to get the event distribution from home.

Get via Code/Password

The next way is another which requires the Internet. Various distributions will be given where you will get a Serial Code. This Serial Code can only be used once and needs to be entered into the form to be received. There are also special Codes which are shared by all players so they can use the same code to receive the Pokémon being distributed.

Get A Mystery Gift - Check Mystery Gift

When you download an event, you will be given a special Wonder Card. This card holds the details of the distribution. The cards are stored in the Card Album and you can keep track of every single event you have ever received in the game save. There's no need to remove them from your album anymore. However, they don't provide many details beyond what the event was and when you received it