Global Wonder Station

The Global Wonder Station is located within Jubilife City and is accessible as of the Version 1.3 update of the game. This building allows for you to make random trades with other players globally

When you go to trade a Pokémon, it asks for you to select one of several points. These points will help you connect to other players but the point you trade from is random, with the attempt to get close to the one you selected. There are 630 Trade Points to trade from

Global Wonder Station

Global Wonder Station - Globe

Once you have traded with a player in the GWS, you'll be able to check the globe and see locations which you have traded other Pokémon from. Therse trade records can be deleted and you can scroll through by Trade Point, with each trade on the Trade Point being catalogued



As you collect various different Points, you will get a variety of item rewards for getting the points

Points ObtainedReward
5 Trade Points3 Rare Candy
10 Trade Points5 Rare Candy
30 Trade Points10 Rare Candy
50 Trade Points15 Rare Candy
100 Trade Points20 Rare Candy
150 Trade Points25 Rare Candy
200 Trade Points30 Rare Candy
250 Trade Points35 Rare Candy
300 Trade Points40 Rare Candy
350 Trade Points45 Rare Candy
400 Trade Points50 Rare Candy
450 Trade Points60 Rare Candy
500 Trade Points70 Rare Candy
550 Trade Points80 Rare Candy
600 Trade Points90 Rare Candy
630 Trade Points100 Rare Candy