Pokémon Hideaways

A new feature to this game is the Pokémon Hideaways. There's different biomes in each of the areas of the underground, and you can find wild Pokémon throughout the areas. Many Pokémon are exclusive to these Pokémon hideaways and more Pokémon appear at various points of your progression, with the National Pokédex being the feature that adds the most. Through this, nearly every Pokémon in the National Pokédex to Sinnoh

There are five different pointss where more Pokémon will start showing up: Get Defog
Get Strength
Get Icicle Badge
Get Waterfall
Get National Pokédex
With each milestone comes more Pokémon, though the most Pokémon come with the National Pokédex

Each Pokémon also has a chance of having one of their Egg Moves when you catch them in the Underground.

Whenever you enter one of the Hideaways, there is a small chance of a "Rare Spawn" appearing. Rare Spawns are Pokémon not in the Sinnoh Pokédex and can appear at any time.

Pokémon Hideaways


The level of a Pokémon in the Hideaway is dependant solely upon your level. While some Pokémon unlock when you reach certain milestones, these levels are set based on your progression in the game

ProgressionLevel Range
1 badge earned16-20
2 badges earned25-29
3 badges earned29-33
4 badges earned33-37
5 badges earned36-40
6 badges earned39-43
7 badges earned42-46
8 badges earned50-55
Elite Four Defeated58-63

The Pokémon you can encounter can be altered by using Statues in your Secret Base. When you place statues, there will be boosts to specific types and the type with the highest value (based on size, type of statue etc.) gets boosted. They can get slightly boosted, boosted or severely boosted. These will only boost the spawns in locations where Pokémon of that type exists.

Click here for full details on statue manipulation

Pokémon Hideaways - Spawn Increases

List of Pokémon Hideaway Biomes

Click the Hideaway to go to a list of the Pokémon within

IconNameSpawn AmountMax Water Spawns
Spacious CaveSpacious Cave5-7
Grassland CaveGrassland Cave5-7
Fountainspring CaveFountainspring Cave5-74
Rocky CaveRocky Cave5-7
Volcanic CaveVolcanic Cave5-7
Swampy CaveSwampy Cave5-74
Dazzling CaveDazzling Cave5-7
Whiteout CaveWhiteout Cave5-7
Icy CaveIcy Cave5-74
Riverbank CaveRiverbank Cave5-74
Sandsear CaveSandsear Cave5-7
Still-Water CavernStill-Water Cavern7-106
Sunlit CavernSunlit Cavern7-10
Big Bluff CavernBig Bluff Cavern7-10
Stargleam CavernStargleam Cavern7-10
Glacial CavernGlacial Cavern7-105
Bogsunk CavernBogsunk Cavern7-105