Trainer Card

The Trainer Card is the place where you get to track your progress within the game. When you load it up, you see your current Avatar, ID Number, current Pokédex completion as well as Play Time, Adventure Start and Hall of Fame Debut with the ability to check the badges

With the badges, using the Switch touch screen, you have the ability to polish them so they sparkle nicely.

There is also the ability for your Trainer Card to reach various different Star Ranks depending on your progres. The colour will change accordingly


List of Tasks Required to get a Star

Defeat the Elite Four & Champion
Obtain 100 Variants of Statues in the Underground
Complete a Master Rank Super Contest
Reach a 100 win streak in the Battle Tower
Complete the National Pokédex
Trainer Card

Trainer Card Back

The back of the Trainer Card can provide even more details about your progress including your current ranks in Super Contest, current Battle Tower streaks, amount of Fossil Digs done, amount of statue variants found and the amount of Poffin sessions done.

Trainer Card