#041 Zubat

General Location Attacks
Normal Sprite
Name Other Names No. Type
Japan: Zubat
French: Nosferapti
German: Zubat
Korean: 주뱃
National: #041
Poison-type Flying-type
Classification Height Weight
Bat Pokémon 2'07"
Abilities: Inner Focus
Inner Focus: Protects the Pokémon from the Flinch status condition


Attacking Move Type: Normal-type Attacking Move Type: Fire-type Attacking Move Type: Water-type Attacking Move Type: Electric-type Attacking Move Type: Grass-type Attacking Move Type: Ice-type Attacking Move Type: Fighting-type Attacking Move Type: Poison-type Attacking Move Type: Ground-type Attacking Move Type: Flying-type Attacking Move Type: Psychic-type Attacking Move Type: Bug-type Attacking Move Type: Rock-type Attacking Move Type: Ghost-type Attacking Move Type: Dragon-type Attacking Move Type: Dark-type Attacking Move Type: Steel-type Attacking Move Type: Fairy-type
*1 *1 *1 *2 *0.25 *2 *0.25 *0.5 *0 *1 *2 *0.25 *2 *1 *1 *1 *1 *0.5
Evolutionary Chain
Zubat Level GolbatLevel Up with Happiness Value at 220Crobat

Locations & Camps

Rescue Camp Echo Cave
Location Lapis Cave
Buried Relic
Oddity Cave
Remains Island
Marvelous Sea
Fantasy Strait
Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeCat.
Absorb Absorb - Grass-type Absorb: Special Move
5 Supersonic Supersonic - Normal-type Supersonic: Other Move
7 Astonish Astonish - Ghost-type Astonish: Physical Move
11 Bite Bite - Dark-type Bite: Physical Move
13 Wing Attack Wing Attack - Flying-type Wing Attack: Physical Move
17 Confuse Ray Confuse Ray - Ghost-type Confuse Ray: Other Move
19 Air Cutter Air Cutter - Flying-type Air Cutter: Special Move
23 Swift Swift - Normal-type Swift: Special Move
25 Poison Fang Poison Fang - Poison-type Poison Fang: Physical Move
29 Mean Look Mean Look - Normal-type Mean Look: Other Move
31 Leech Life Leech Life - Bug-type Leech Life: Physical Move
35 Haze Haze - Ice-type Haze: Other Move
37 Venoshock Venoshock - Poison-type Venoshock: Special Move
41 Air Slash Air Slash - Flying-type Air Slash: Special Move
43 Quick Guard Quick Guard - Fighting-type Quick Guard: Other Move

TM Moves
Attack NameTypeCat.
Acrobatics Acrobatics - Flying-type Acrobatics: Physical Move
Aerial Ace Aerial Ace - Flying-type Aerial Ace: Physical Move
Attract Attract - Normal-type Attract: Other Move
Confide Confide - Normal-type Confide: Other Move
Double Team Double Team - Normal-type Double Team: Other Move
Facade Facade - Normal-type Facade: Physical Move
Fly Fly - Flying-type Fly: Physical Move
Frustration Frustration - Normal-type Frustration: Physical Move
Hidden Power Hidden Power - Normal-type Hidden Power: Special Move
Leech Life Leech Life - Bug-type Leech Life: Physical Move
Payback Payback - Dark-type Payback: Physical Move
Protect Protect - Normal-type Protect: Other Move
Rain Dance Rain Dance - Water-type Rain Dance: Other Move
Rest Rest - Psychic-type Rest: Other Move
Return Return - Normal-type Return: Physical Move
Roost Roost - Flying-type Roost: Other Move
Round Round - Normal-type Round: Special Move
Shadow Ball Shadow Ball - Ghost-type Shadow Ball: Special Move
Sleep Talk Sleep Talk - Normal-type Sleep Talk: Other Move
Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb - Poison-type Sludge Bomb: Special Move
Steel Wing Steel Wing - Steel-type Steel Wing: Physical Move
Substitute Substitute - Normal-type Substitute: Other Move
Sunny Day Sunny Day - Fire-type Sunny Day: Other Move
Swagger Swagger - Normal-type Swagger: Other Move
Taunt Taunt - Dark-type Taunt: Other Move
Thief Thief - Dark-type Thief: Physical Move
Torment Torment - Dark-type Torment: Other Move
Toxic Toxic - Poison-type Toxic: Other Move
U-turn U-turn - Bug-type U-turn: Physical Move
Venoshock Venoshock - Poison-type Venoshock: Special Move

Gulpin Tutor Moves
Attack NameTypeCat.
Super Fang Super Fang - Normal-type Super Fang: Physical Move
Uproar Uproar - Normal-type Uproar: Special Move
Snore Snore - Normal-type Snore: Special Move
Zen Headbutt Zen Headbutt - Psychic-type Zen Headbutt: Physical Move
Giga Drain Giga Drain - Grass-type Giga Drain: Special Move
Tailwind Tailwind - Flying-type Tailwind: Other Move
Snatch Snatch - Dark-type Snatch: Other Move
Defog Defog - Flying-type Defog: Other Move
Heat Wave Heat Wave - Fire-type Heat Wave: Special Move

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