Amity Square has received some massive changes between Diamond/Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. It still is only open to a certain amount of Pokémon, this time 20 of them as opposed to D/P's 11. What you have to do is go in here with one of them in your party, once there, the highest one on your team will come out of its Pokéball and walk with you. Whilst walking, every 100 steps or so you will receive a special accessory or berry from your Pokémon. Below are the Pokémon you can bring in;

Pikachu Clefairy Jigglypuff Psyduck Torchic Shroomish Skitty Turtwig Grotle Torterra
Chimchar Monferno Infernape Piplup Prinplup Empoleon Pachirisu Drifloon Buneary Happiny

Now, Amity Square is seperated by the area you go into. If you go in through the left area, then you will get the main park, with the lake, bridges and various trainers and their Pokémon. If you go in the entrance to the right, you will go along the mountain side of the Amity Square, where various trainers also are. Each area also has two caves on the ground with access to many more!

Dotted around each area are a variety of caves. These caves now have a purpose whereas in Diamond & Pearl they were empty. In each of these caves there are three warp points. One to the left, one to the right, and one at the top. Once you get in, if you move in that direction then you will be sent to another cave within Amity Square. There are a lot of platforms and areas in Amity Square which can only be accessed by going through these warp caves, many of them have items such as the Spooky Plate, the Amulet Coin & TMs 43 & 45. There is a lot to explore so make sure you explore thoroughly.

Below are the Pokémon and the items in which they will be able to pick up. We will obtain the lists for Turtwig through Empoleon as soon as possible.

#025 Pikachu #285 Shroomish
Common Rare V. Rare
Orange Fluff Brown Fluff Small Leaf Red Feather Yellow Feather Yellow Fluff Glitter Stone Big Scale Black Moustache Purple Scale

#035 Clefairy #300 Skitty
Common Rare V. Rare
White Fluff Orange Fluff White Feather Round Stone Small Leaf Blue Scale White Beard Thin Mushroom Big Scale Stump

#052 Psyduck #417 Pachirisu
Common Rare V. Rare
Jagged Boulder Snaggy Stone Brown Fluff Round Stone Black Moustache Shed Horn Narrow Scale Mini Stone Green Scale Thick Mushroom

#255 Torchic #425 Drifloon
Common Rare V. Rare
Pink Fluff Red Feather Yellow Feather Black Beard Narrow Scale White Fluff White Moustache Shed Claw Narrow Leaf Purple Scale

#427 Buneary #440 Happiny
Common Rare V. Rare
Pink Scale Shed Horn Pink Fluff Yellow Feather Shed Claw Black Fluff Jagged Boulder Big Leaf Green Scale Black Stone

#039 Jigglypuff
Common Rare V. Rare
Pink Scale Shed Horn Pink Fluff Yellow Feather Shed Claw Black Fluff Jagged Boulder Big Leaf Green Scale Black Stone

Rare V. Rare
Cornn Berry Magost Berry Rabuta Berry Nomel Berry Spelon Berry Pamtre Berry Watmel Berry Durin Berry Belue Berry