Like Diamond & Pearl, Platinum has Super Contests being held within Hearthome City. Like many features within Platinum, Super Contests have not changed much at all. They still follow the same principles with the same modes within the Contest. The ranks are as follows;

  • Normal Rank
  • Great Rank
  • Ultra Rank
  • Master Rank

For each of the ranks, you are able to partake in five different contest types; Cool, Smart, Tough, Cute & Beauty. These are all based upon your Pokémon's condition and attacks. Each attack has a tertiary type which comprises of the aforementioned types. use the buttons below for a link to lists of each attack in each category

Visual Competition

Once you enter the Super Contest you will be entered immediately into the Visual Appeal mode. This mode has you utilise the Touch Screen to place accessories onto your Pokémon. You get given a specific theme from which you need to follow;

  • The Bright
  • The Created
  • The Colorful
  • The Festive
  • The Flexible
  • The Gaudy
  • The Intangible
  • The Natural
  • The Relaxed
  • The Shapely
  • The Sharp
  • The Solid
There are numerous factors that are to be taken into account here including the matching of the accessories to the theme and your Pokémon's condition. To improve the condition, you have to blend Poffin and feed it to the Pokémon of whom you are entering in the contest. This can be in Hearthome City.
In each rank, you only get a limited amount of accessories to put on and you have a time limit so you have to be quick and prudent and know exactly what you want. Once the time limit is up, the audience will rate your Pokémon based upon the accessories you have used and your Pokémon's condition. The higher the points the better.
You also have the ability to mimic the Visual Appeal mode in Jubilife's TV Station. Here you can add accessories and backgrounds to create a scene. This can be then saved and sent over the Vs. Recorder's Global Mode in the GTS

Dance Competition

The next contest mode you will go through is the Dance Competition. Each Pokémon takes it in turn to create some Dance Steps, you then have to recreate these steps in time. Get the timing perfectly for maximum points. You control this through four buttons on the touch screen; one for each direction. Once the lead has created the steps, the back-up dancers recreate them. When you're the lead, you have freedom to create whatever steps you want so be sure to go nuts and make it hard so they miss

Acting Competition

The acting competition is the meat of the Contest. For four round, you have to have your Pokémon appeal with attacks of that specific type. Each attack has to be aimed at one of the judges, and they each have a voltage metre which increases whenever a Pokémon appeals to them with an attack of the correct type. If a Pokémon manages to fill up the metre, then they get a massive bonus in points; 5 for regular judges or 8 from the middle judge
At the end of each round, the judges will give points to each of the Pokémon that appealed to them to a total of three points. If all four appealed to them, then nobody gets any.


Aside from the ribbons that winners get, you will also get a variety of new contest accessories whenever you win. These are perfect for improving your score in the next rank of the contest. There are as follows;

  Beauty Cool Cute Smart Tough
Normal Rank
Great Rank
Ultra Rank
Master Rank