The Battle Hall is in the north west of the Battle Frontier. The method of battling within this battle facility is that here, you only choose one, or two if in double, Pokémon to use. Unlike the other areas, your Pokémon's level does not get reduced so the higher you go in the better.

As usual, there are three different selections you can go in with; Single or Double Battles & Wireless Mixed. Single allows for 1 on 1 and Double allows for 2 on 2. This makes the area the prime place to test out your treasured Pokémon

Once you have chosen you're Pokémon, you go into the Stage and get given a selection screen for all the Pokémon you can fight. The type of the Pokémon is shown as is their difficulty rank out of 10. As you only know the type of the Pokémon, you will sometimes be given a curve ball. For example, if you choose say a Flying type to use your electric Pokémon against, you may end up against a Gligar who is immune to electric attacks. You also cannot switch your Pokémon mid-campaign, if you do, it resets the campaign back to Rank 1. The levels are done in relation to your Pokémon's level and are calculated by Rank accordingly so that you start off with an advantage that quickly diminishes

Once done, you go in and battle away. Unlike the other Battle Facilities, this mode does streaks of 10.

Battle Hall Frontier Brain

First Battle

Once you reach a streak of 50 in the Battle Hall, when you go to have your 50th Battle, you will be challenged by the Frontier Brain of the Battle Hall; Argenta. Her Pokémon's level match your own. Going in the spirit of the Battle Hall, she doesnt have 1 set Pokémon, but rather a random one from any type. Beat her and you get the Silver Medal

Hall Matron Argenta

Streak 50
Second Battle

Continue in on the streak and continue to beat all the Pokémon. Beat Rank 10 on every type for Argenta to appear. This is a lot harder than it sounds as when you get to Rank 7, the Pokémon will start to have attacks that are super effective on you, and as you cannot switch Pokémon mid-campaign, this gets really difficult and is nigh-on impossible. Make sure you have a strong range of attack types to succeed

Hall Matron Argenta

Streak 170