Time, a feature implemented fully into the second & fourth generations, is utilised in the manner of a variety of Daily & Weekly events that you can access each and every day. These range from just receiving items to having massive battles. The events are as follows:

Daily Events

All Around Sinnoh - Pokémon Centre Battles

All around Sinnoh, you will find trainers in certain Pokémon Centres on each day. These trainers vary in strength depending on your Progress in the game and there are seven different types, all with different Pokémon. These are very handy for helping you level up should you get stuck.

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Sandgem Town - Swarms

After you have obtained the National Pokédex, you can go to your rival's sister in Sandgem Town. Each day, she will mention a swarm of Pokémon that is happening somewhere in Sinnoh. These Pokémon are not found anywhere else in Sinnoh so this is the only way you have to get those said Pokémon. The Pokémon swarms each have an equal chance of appear so after a while you will have repeat swarms.

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Jubilife City - The Lottery

Every day in the TV station in Jubilife City, the management runs a lottery. This selects a random ID number and if your Pokémon match the number, you win a prize. It works based upon the last number matching, then the last two numbers, the last three numbers and so on until it can be completely identical. The top prize in this Lottery is a Master Ball

Floaroma Town - Berry Gift

Another daily event is that in the accessory shop in Floaroma Town, this girl will give you one of the low numbered berries once a day. These berries are all used for healing your Pokémon; either of status or HP/PP, so you know you're getting something potentially useful

Route 208 - Berry Gift

Another daily event that involves Berries exists in Route 208, pecifically in the Berry Master's house there. Each day, the Berry Master will give you a berry. This Berry is a random berry from Berry #01 to Berry #30 so it is likely to be useful.

Solaceon Town - Pokémon Reporter

In the house next to the Pokémon Center in Solaceon Town, there is a reporter who would like to see a specific Pokémon. This Pokémon changes each day and is always one that you have at least seen in the Pokédex so you should have no trouble getting the Pokémon he requests. If you show him the Pokémon he wants, he will give you a Heart Scale as well as three random Pokéballs of the following kinds

Dive Ball Dusk Ball Great Ball Heal Ball Luxury Ball Nest Ball Net Ball PokéBall Quick Ball Repeat Ball Timer Ball Ultra Ball

Veilstone City - Pokémon Massage

In a house by Veilstone Gym, there is a girl who is willing to give your Pokémon a massage. She gives one massage a day so use it wisely. The massage will boost your Pokémon's happiness slightly and it will also allow for the finding of certain contest accessories used within the visual appeal stage. Below are the possible accessories found;

Veilstone City - Game Corner

In the European versions of the game, the games in the game corner have been removed. However, in countering this, the game corner machines now give from 5 to 20 game corner coins each day. Not all machines will give you these but they will each day so be sure to go back.

Again, this is in the European version ONLY

Pastoria City - Berry Gift

In a house by the west exit of Pastoria City, you will find a woman who will give you a berry each day. These berries are the rare berries that lower damage from certain type attacks whenever you get hit by those types so they certainly are a handy thing for you to have.

Occa Berry Passho Berry Wacan Berry Rindo Berry Yache Berry Chople Berry Kabia Berry Shuca Berry Coba Berry
Payapa Berry Tanga Berry Charti Berry Kasib Berry Haban Berry Colbur Berry Babiri Berry Chilan Berry  

Pastoria City - The Great Marsh

The Great Marsh in Pastoria City is essentially the Safari Zone of Sinnoh. In it, there are Pokémon which are randomly decided to appear each and every day. There are some always there, but others can only be seen with luck on any day. These are determined when you use the binoculars upstairs in the building of the Great Marsh before you enter for your safari campaign.

Click Here For List of Great Marsh Pokémon

Pastoria City - The Great Marsh - Shard Giver

In the Great Marsh, just east of the entrance you will find a guy. This guy finds Shards every day in the Great Marsh and kindly gives them to you. The type of shard changes every day so be sure to collect them for the price of the move tutors.

Blue Shard Green Shard Red Shard Yellow Shard

Route 212 - Trophy Garden

After you have obtained the National Dex, you will have access to more Pokémon in the Trophy Garden. Each day, if you talk to Mr. Backlot in his Mansion, he will say that he saw a particular rare Pokémon within his garden. These are now available in the garden for today and tomorrow so be sure to look for them. Most Pokémon here are only seen here so you will have to be patient if you wish to see the Pokémon you wish for.

Click Here For List of Trophy Garden Pokémon

Route 212 - Pokémon Mansion - Maid Battle

In the west side of Mr. Backlot's Mansion in Route 212, you will find a maid blocking the rest of the mansion off as usual. However, in Platinum, each day she will offer the possibility of maid battles for you. Here, you have to battle 5 successive maids, all with Clefairys, whose level rise with each battle in the streak.

Valor Lakefront - Grand Lake Hotel

In the restaurant in the Grand Lake Hotel, you will see a variety of double battle trainers. These trainers will battle you should accept their challenge. The trainers in there change every day and you can battle each one once a day so it is good training.

Celestic Town - Great Ball Gift

A small thing, in the Pokémon Centre in Celestic Town, there is a man who will give you a Great Ball every day. While not groundbreaking, this does save you 600 PokéDollars a day

Snowpoint City - Trendy Saying

In the North-East house in Snowpoint City, the same one as the move tutor, there is an old man who will give you a new saying for your vocabulary every day. This is handy if you wish to expand your greetings in-game.

Sunyshore City - Seal Market

In the Sunyshore Market, the market-seller who sells you seals for you to put onto your PokéBall capsules will change his inventory every day of the week. This is random so you may have to wait a few days for a particular seal to become available

Sunyshore City - Julia's Ribbons

In the north-eastern most house in Sunyshore, a woman called Julia is feeling lonely and wishes to hear a story about your travels. Each day she will say a subject, choose a trendy saying from your list that matches and she will give your lead Pokémon a Ribbon. The ribbons are as follows;

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Alert Ribbon Shock Ribbon Downcast Ribbon Careless Ribbon Relax Ribbon Snooze Ribbon Smile Ribbon

Route 221 - Belt Man

In Route 221, there is a house with an elderly man in. He will say that he wishes to see a Pokémon of a particular level. If you bring him a Pokémon of that level, he will give you an item depending on how many he's given you already

First Second Third
Black Belt Expert Belt Focus Sash

Pal Park

Like in Diamond & Pearl, you have the ability to transfer Pokémon from the GBA games up to Pal Park. For each GBA game, you can only do this for 6 Pokémon every 24 hours. This limits the amount you can transfer in one day as if you have one of each GBA game, you can transfer only 30 a day.

Resort Area - Ribbon Syndicate

In the Resort Area, there is an exclusive club called the Ribbon Syndicate. If you have ten or more ribbons on any one Pokémon in your party, then you now have access to the Ribbon Syndicate. On the second floor, you can receive a massage for your lead Pokémon. This massage is far more effective than any other massage in the game and greatly boosts your Pokémon's Happiness

Survival Area - Top Trainer Café

In the Survival Area, after you have completed the Stark Mountain storyline, Buck's café is opened up to a variety of trainers. All the top trainers of Sinnoh, specifically gym leaders and the trainers you teamed up with elsewhere in Sinnoh, are here and battleable. They have strong teams so you get good experience from them. Up to four of these trainers appear each day and you can battle them only once a day.

Click Here For List of Top Trainer Café Trainers

"Weekly" Events

Valley Windworks - Drifloon

Every Friday, by the Valley Windworks, you will find a lone Pokémon outside of the grass willing to battle. This Pokémon is Drifloon. It is at Level 15 and of the Ghost/Flying type. Even if you knock it out or capture it, another one will appear each week giving you a chance to capture them again and again to get a perfect one

Lv. 15

Survival Area - Rival Battle

After you have beaten the Stark Mountain storyline, your rival will appear in the Survival Area outside the Top Trainer Café. On Saturdays and Sundays, he will be willing to battle against you. He has strong Pokémon to fight, and they get stronger as you battle the Elite Four more, eventually getting to be the highest levelled trainer to grace the Pokémon games

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