The Pokétch makes its return in Pokémon Platinum. Although it does not really support any new features, it does have a back button so you can scroll through the applications backwards. You get the Pokétch in your first visit to Jubilife. Find the clowns and you get given it. It's really a very handy device in the game so make sure to use it wisely

#1 - Digital Clock

The first noticiable function of the Pokétch is the most obvious one for a watch; Time Management. On this function you basically see the time in 24 hour format. This is good to help you keep track of the time and make places in time for time-specific events or Wild Pokémon Captures. If you press the screen, it lights up just like a normal watch

Location: Available from Beginning

#2 - Calculator

This feature is a standard calculator within the Pokétch. When you select each of the buttons, a Pokémon's Cry is heard.

Location: Available from Beginning

#3 - Memo Pad

This allows you to write down memos so you can quickly remember what you were doing if you were hunting for a certain Pokémon, or for doodling on if you are bored

Location: Obtained from President of Pokétch Company after obtaining the 1st Badge

#4 - Pedometer

This function allows you to count the amount of steps that you make. There is a button for resetting it so this is PERFECT for when you're trying to hatch a Pokémon Egg to determine how much longer you have to go in comparison to the Egg Steps in our Pokédex

Location: Available from Beginning

#5 - Pokémon List

This function shows you your Pokémon Party without requiring you to go to menus. Showing their health, what they are and if they are holding item. If you touch them, you can hear their cry

Location: Available from Beginning

#6 - Friendship Checker

This function allows you to select Pokemon in your party and determine their happiness. You do this by holding the stylus down on them. 2 Full Hearts indicate maximum Happiness. When the Pokémon just has two hearts that grow to giant size, it should be at an adequate level for happiness evolution

Location: Obtained from Woman in Eterna Pokémon Center

#7 - Dowsing

This function is the item finder of Diamond & Pearl. When you touch the screen, it will make a circle as if its scanning for an item. If it finds one, the circle starts fluctuating and repeating so there is an item in that direction so head there and you will find it

Location: Obtained from Dawn/Lucas in Route 207

#8 - Berry Searcher

This function shows you where you have Berries fully grown ready for harvest. This is perfect if you have planted particular kinds in certain areas and to allow you to check their progress

Location: Obtained from Berry Master in Route 208

#9 - Day Care Checker

This feature is a handy one for all Pokémon Breeders and Pokémon Trainers. This feature allows you to keep tabs on the Pokémon that you have stored at the Breeding Centre. It shows their current level, so that you know how many levels it has gone up since it has been there, and it shows the actual Pokémon and any egg that the Pokémon create. Very handy for breeders and trainers to know when their breeding is complete

Location: Obtained in the Daycare Centre in Solaceon Town

#10 - Pokémon History

This function allows you to see the last 12 Pokémon that you have captured, hatched, evolved and received through trades. When you click them, you can hear their cry.

Location: Obtained from a Resident of Solaceon Town

#11 - Counter

This function is essentially a counter. You press the button and it adds one to the counter. It is handy if you are trying to count particular Effort Values that you are giving to your Pokémon

Location: Obtained from Veilstone Department Store

#12 - Analogue Clock

This function, like the first, is a clock. This one works in the standard analogue for all the users who wish to see the time in that style. It also lights up when you press the touch screen

Location: Obtained from resident in Celestic Town

#13 - Marking Map

This function is a map of Sinnoh saying where you are. It allows you to put placemarks at certain areas so that you can maybe know where you're going if you get lost. Also for the five Pokémon that run; Mesprit, Cresselia, Articun, Zapdos & Moltres, they show up on this Map so you know where they are so you can easily track them down

Location: Obtained from President of Poketch Company after obtaining 3rd Badge

#14 - Link Searcher

This function allows you to search the immediate area for other people who are doing the searches or who are connected up using the DS's Wireless features

Location: Obtained from President of Poketch Company after obtaining 5th Badge

#15 - Coin Flip

This function simply allows you to flip a coin. Magikarp is Heads, Pokéball is tails

Location: Obtained from Resident in Grand Lake Hotel

#16 - Move Tester

This little function of the Pokétch allows you to input both an attack type and the target Pokémon's types and it will output whether this is normal, super effective or not very effective. Quite handy if you're searching for attacks that can defeat a certain gym leader's Pokémon

Location: Obtained from President of Poketch Company after obtaining 7th Badge

#17 - Calendar

This function is a simple Calendar that states the current day and month. If you're waiting for a specific date, touch it and it will light up so that you know there's something going on when you play on that day

Location: Obtained from resident in Sunyshore City by bringing a Pokémon with a Serious Nature

#18 - Dot Artist

This function starts off with a picture and as you draw on it, you scratch it away. You can draw anything here with various shades of grey so go nuts

Location: Obtained from resident in Sunyshore City by bringing a Pokémon with a Naive Nature

#19 - Roulette

This function is simply a roulette. You can start and stop it spinning. You can write stuff on the roulette and use it to decide certain aspects the game. For example, if you cannot choose what Pokemon to train, write them here and let the wheel decide

Location: Obtained from resident in Sunyshore City by bringing a Pokémon with a Quirky Nature

#20 - Trainer Counter

This function shows the longest streaks of Pokémon that you have seen utilising the PokéRadar. It also tracks the current chain that you are doing

Location: Obtained from Professor Oak in Pal Park

#21 - Kitchen Timer

This function allows you to start and stop a timer, suggested for use with Cooking while you're playing so that you do not lose track of time. It counts down and once it hits 0, Snorlax will pound its belly

Location: Obtained from girl in Pal Park by showing her a Snorlax

#22 - Colour Changer

This function allows you to change the colour of the Pokétch. This colour will stay on the Pokétch until you next change it so all functions will be in this colour

Location: Obtained from girl in Pal Park by showing her a Kecleon

#23 - Matchup Checker

This function allows you to check your Pokémon in your party to see if they are compatible for breeding. A Very quick way to check for breeding. If your two Pokémon are compatible, the Luvdisc will kiss move in to kiss. If they're very compatible, they'll get 3 hearts, if they're moderately compatible, they'll get 2 and if they're just compatible they'll get one. This is based on Nature as well as Egg Group, go here for more info. If they aren't, then the Luvdisc will turn away from eachother. You can rotate through your Party by touching the Pokémon in question

Location: Capture 5 Pokémon in one Safari Game

#24 - Stopwatch

This function allows you to time certain activities. As opposed to the Kitchen Timer which counts down, the Voltorb StopWatch counts up.

Location: Obtained through Nintendo Events

#25 - Alarm Clock

This function allows you to set an alarm for a certain time. Handy if you need to go out at a certain time. It goes off with a loud roar from Loudred.

Location: Obtained through Nintendo Events