The WiFi features were first implemented in Diamond & Pearl as a method of simply battling and trading with your friends over the internet. However, Pokémon Platinum takes these features and fully expands them. Below are the details of these expansions

Standard WiFi

Wi-Fi Plaza

When you go downstairs in the Pokémon Centers in Platinum, next to the area where you have the attendant that lets you trade and battle with your friends, you will find a new attendant and another door. In here you will find the new WiFi club. The WiFi club is a new area that has many different activities that you and up to 19 other people can experience at the same time. There are several different servers and the people you go in with tend to be random

For example, making Poffin can now also be done over WiFi as opposed to just over Wireless. This time it is done through a new Mini-Game involving throwing Berries at a Swalot machine. If you succeed you get higher points and better Poffin for your Pokémon. Click here to go to the dedicated page regarding it

Wi-Fi Club

As well as the new Wi-Fi Plaza, there is also the return of the Wi-Fi Club from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. However, in addition to the text-based interface that was utilised in Diamond & Pearl, Platinum has a more visual interface that allows you to interact with all your connected friends and join each one through that. There are a variety of features available over Wi-Fi Club, including several new ones. To select that you are willing to host the features or to go to the text-based one, you need to go to the screen at the back of the room. The features are as follows;

Single & Double Battles

The first two options within this are the standard battle functions. You have the option to battle in both Single & Double formats, only between two players however. There are three further sub-options within these options and they are as follows;

  • Free Battle - Pokémon go in as they are
  • Lv. 50 Battle- All Pokémon's levels are temporarily reduced or raised to Level 50
  • Lv. 100 Battle- All Pokémon's levels are temporarily raised to Level 100


The trade room is also in Pokémon Platinum and works in the exact same manner as in Diamond & Pearl. However, with this, you also have to factor in that all new forms introduced in Platinum will automatically revert into their base forms when you enter the room.

Poffin Creation

When you select this new feature, you will go into the Poffin Creation mini-game. This mini-game is identical to the one found within Hearthome City. Place your berries in and rotate on the touch screen to bake the poffin. Once done, you will have to exit in order to obtain the Poffin and use the berry.

Battle Froniter

One of the new features within the Wi-Fi Club allows you and a friend to go through the Battle Frontier facilities together over the Wi-Fi Connection. This feature originally existed only in local wireless in the Battle Tower in DP and the rest of the Frontier in Platinum. Here, you go through the Multi-Battle area of the various Battle Frontier facilities, with you and your friend against two computerised trainers and you have to gain up a streak. As your streak increases, as does the difficulty. You still earn Battle Points here. For details on each facility, click here


The three Mini-Games from the Wi-Fi Plaza are also playable here between you and your friends. These all act the same way and are essentially for fun and gaining high scores. Click here for more details

Global Trading System

The Global Trading System has also had a massive tune-up in Pokémon Platinum. In addition to the trading of Pokémon in the same manner as Diamond & Pearl, the GTS also has many new features in the form of a Global Terminal

The GTS has a new feature. In the main menu of the game before you load your save, there is a new e-mail feature. Here, you have the ability to set your e-mail for several special features. You will need to confirm the e-mail address by conencting to the Wi-Fi Connection and allowing it to send you a validation code. The GTS has trading work exactly like it did in Diamond & Pearl, but now, if you have your e-mail set in the game, then when your trade on the GTS is completed, you will be notified by e-mail so you no longer have to keep checking back for it.

Dotted around the GTS are new global terminals. These give you access to a variety of Vs. Recorder functions. The Vs. Recorder is a new item obtained in Pokémon Platinum that allows you to record your battles. There appear to be several modes of the Vs. Recorder. It is likely there is a mode in the Global Terminal that allows you to send out your battles and receive battle recordings from your friends. In Browser Mode, which allows the item's use outside the GTS, you can view your own battles and battles your friends have sent you as well as expunge any battles you do not wish to keep. Click Here For Details on the Vs. Recorder