The WiFi Plaza is a unique area. Found in the bottom floor of the Pokémon Centers, it allows you to go in for various activities with up to 20 people

There are several different looks for the WiFi Plaza, all based upon different types. Water, Fire, Grass & Electric have been sighted, and as such, the decoration matches these specific types. The statues are based upon the starters across all 4 generations. These rooms are essentially different hubs. Everything within them is the same, but they are different servers.

However, there is a time limit to how much time you spend in the WiFi Room in a day. Even though there's a lot to do and you can have many friends within it. This time limit is to prevent various score manipulations. Once you get to the time limit, certain things start happening in the room as an indicator. The lights dim, fireworks start going off and then you will be removed by a boat designed as a Pokémon such as Piplup or Charizard.

While you're in the WiFi Plaza, you have access to various touch toys. These toys are controlled via the touch screen and create various effects. The toys you obtain can be upgraded by playing through various mini-games in the area and getting high scores. You also get a different Touch Toy each time. The best thing is, you can switch Touch Toys with the other people within the Plaza.

When you get in to the Wi-Fi Plaza, you get given your own pseudo wifi-trainer card. This shows your ID, your name, your greeting if you have set one as well as your current Touch Toy and the last 12 things you have done within the Wi-Fi Plaza. You have the ability of checking other people's cards by just walking up to their

The Mini-Games

There are three different mini-games that are accessible within the WiFi Plaza.

Swalot Plop Mime Jr. Top

The Swalot Plop Mini-Game has you utilising the stylus to flick berries up to the rotating Swalot. The aim is to get the berries into the mouth of Swalot. The speed and trajectory of your flick of the stylus determines how you far the berry goes. The person with the highest score wins


The Mime Jr. Top game has you utilise the stylus to try and keep Mime Jr. on the ball. The longer you stay on the ball, the more points you get. If you survive long enough for all your opponents to fall off, you will win.

Wobbuffet Pop  

The Wobbuffet Pop game has you against three other players. The object of the game is to make the most balloons by pumping up with the stylus up and down on the touch screen. However, there are elements on the top screen that will affect your balloon so you have to be very careful in how quickly you do it

Other Things Within The Plaza

In the WiFi Plaza, there are two long boards that several people can get access to. On these boards, you have the ability to select one of six footprint types. Once you have selected your type, you can touch the canvas and start placing Footprints at will. The other people will also be doing this. The footprints will quickly go and walk off of the canvas after you have given them partner prints.

In the main board in the center of the Plaza, you will go to a screen. This screen shows sihlouettes of each of the people connected to the room that you are in and the strength of their connection compared to you and the server. At the bottom, there is a ticker of the goings on within the WiFi Plaza at that time. Mini-game results, people chatting and so forth

There is also a globe in the WiFi Plaza. This is so you can see exactly where everyone else in the room is from, providing they have implemented their location in the GTS.