Due to the inclusive of the ability to trade over the Global Trade Station and over standard Wi-Fi, the whole world has opened up and you can get Pokémon from various areas of the world. As such, Pokémon Platinum, like Diamond & Pearl has the ability to show foreign Pokédex entries. However, unlike Diamond & Pearl which only allows for a handful of entries (as listed here), Pokémon Platinum has the ability to do it for any Pokémon that you trade over. Even if you have sent over a Pokémon Egg and it hatches, it will have the dex entry for the country the egg was bred in.

When you go to a Pokémon which you have received in a trade from a game of another language, on the bottom screen there will be several tabs so to speak listing the languages that you have had that Pokémon in. Select them with the touch screen and its Pokémon Diamond Pokédex entry for that language will come up. The languages that are possible are as follows

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

If you do not have WiFi, you can still get a Pokémon with a foreign Pokédex entry. A Hiker in the house in Route 226 will trade you his German Magikarp for a Finneon.