The Battle Factory is in the north east of the Battle Frontier and makes a triumphant return from Hoenn. The method of battling within this battle facility is that here, you cannot use your own Pokémon. Instead, you have to use Rental Pokémon and battle other rental Pokémon. These are at Level 50 or maxed out at Level 100

As usual, there are three different selections you can go in with; Single or Double Battles & Wireless Mixed. Single allows for 3 on 3 and Double allows for 4 Pokémon. This makes the area the prime place to test out your treasured Pokémon. The Wireless Mixed allows you to team up with a friend for some true double battles

When you go in, you get given a choice of 3 Pokémon from a total of 6. Check these Pokémon's stats carefully as they will mean the difference between winning and the difference between losing

Once done, you go in and battle away. Like the other Battle Facilities, they are done in streaks of 7 before you can exit. Try to get the best streak you possibly can.

After you win a battle however, you have the choice of trading one of your three Pokémon you used with one of the three that the opponent used in battle against you. If you struggled with a Pokémon here, this would be the time to take it

Battle Factory Frontier Brain

First Battle

Once you reach a streak of 21 in the Battle Factory, when you go to have your 21sth Battle, you will be challenged by the Frontier Brain of the Battle Factory; Thorton. His Pokémon's level match your own. As he uses rental Pokémon, you'll never know what you're going to be in for so use your best judgment. Beat him and you get the Silver Medal

Factory Head Thorton

Streak 21
Second Battle

Continue in on the streak and continue to beat all the Pokémon. As you go through, the Pokémon and the attacks you use will get stronger, but so will the opponents. Be sure to switch Pokemon if you have weak ones in your team. Once you reach a streak of 49, Thorton will appear and re-battle you. Again, he uses rental Pokémon. Beat him to get the Coloured Medal

Factory Head Thorton

Streak 49