Here are the pre-release Pictures from Pokémon Platinum. Click the Link to view the picture:

Cyrus stands before Dialga & Palkia as Giratina jumps into the Dimension
The Male Trainer in his new look battles Giratina - Origin Form
The Male Trainer is in the Distortion World
Battling Shaymin Sky Forme
New Characters in Eterna City
Dawn enters a Castle
Lucas is at a Computer
Lucas leaves Floaroma
Regigigas VS Regirock
Lucas in Registeel's Room
Lucas in Regice's Room
At the new Battle Frontier
Inside the new Battle Frontier
Inside the new Battle Frontier
The Swalot Poffin Game
Cyrus confronts Dialga & Palkia
Inside the new GTS
Inside the new GTS with some new Portals
Outside the new GTS
The 20-Capable WiFi Room
Another WiFi area
Shaymin Sky Forme VS Floatzel
Torterra VS Giratina Origin Forme
Infernape VS Giratina Altered Forme over WiFi
Shaymin & Bidoof are traded
Cyrus at the new Galactic HQ
The new Professor of Team Galactic
The Policeman hunting Galactic
The Glacidea Flower
Sky Forme Shaymin in Party
Another picture of the Distortion World - surfing downwards
Ponyta VS Croagunk
Piplup VS Bidoof
Pikachu VS Buizel
What? Piplup is evolving...
Piplup evolved into Prinplup
Travelling on Route 202 - Snow Patches
Being challenged on Route 202 - Snow Patches
Entering another area of Eterna Gym
Approaching the gym's blades
The Eterna Gym
Veilstone Gym
Using the flashlight in an unknown gym
Bumping into the Police Officer outside Valley Windworks
Entering the new Galactic HQ
The new Battle Tower
The new Battle Tower
Battling in the Battle Tower
Battle Tower Battle: Rapidash VS Torterra
The new Battle Factory
Selecting your Factory Team
Selecting your new Pokémon
Twinleaf Town
Getting your Pokémon in Route 201 now
Meeting Cyrus at the start of the game
The boat in the Fire type WiFi Room
A Box saved in the Vs. Recorder
Battle Rankings in the Vs. Recorder
A recorded battle; Pachirisu VS Bibarel
An e-mail in the GTS
The Swalot WiFi game; Gapping Swalot
The Mime Jr. WiFi game; Rolling Mime Jr.
The Wobbuffet WiFi game; Booming Wobbuffet
The Fire-type WiFi Room
Fireworks indoors
Touch Toy; Balloon
Touch Toy; Bells
Touch Toy; Party Popper
Touch Toy; Cymbals
Shaymin VS Empoleon
Shaymin VS Infernape
Giratina Origin Forme VS Dialga (Video Pic)
Giratina Origin Forme's Attacks (Video Pic)
Pachirisu VS Whiscash (Video Pic)
Croagunk VS Leafeon (Video Pic)
You VS Flint & Volkner (Video Pic)
Milotic & Weavile VS Magmortar & Electivire (Video Pic)
Torterra & Garchomp VS Infernape & Empoleon (Video Pic)