The Battle Arcade is in the south east of the Battle Frontier. The method of battling within this battle facility is dependant entirely on luck as you utilise a Roulette to decide the outcome of the battle. Your Pokémon are temporarily reduced to Level 50 for this facility.

Firstly, there are three different modes within this. Single and Double Battles are both represented. Go on the left for Single and the Right for Double. In Single matches you can choose 3 Pokémon of which to use in battle. In Double, you can choose 4. There is also a mixed battle mode which allows you to battle, teamed with your friends over local wireless.

When you get to the stage, you will be introduced to your opponent and you will see both yours and their Pokémon on the screen. This can help you work out the best strategies based upon the Pokémon that you're about to face.

When you are about to battle, you get sent into a random Draw selection in order to determine what special occurance is going to go on in the battle. The cursor will go round the different tiles. When its over something you want, you'll have to quickly hit the button on the touch screen. This will stop the selection and decide the outcome. Here are the possibilities:

  • Your Pokémon are all Paralyzed
  • Their Pokémon are all Paralyzed
  • Your Pokémon are all Burnt
  • Their Pokémon are all Burnt
  • Your Pokémon are asleep
  • Their Pokémon are asleep
  • Your Pokémon are all Poisoned
  • Their Pokémon are all Poisoned
  • You get to move your selections all down a place
  • Your Pokémon's stats are raised
  • Your Pokémon's stats are lowered
  • You get given a Berry
  • You opponent gets given a Berry
  • Your Pokémon get given a Hold Item
  • Their Pokémon get given a Hold Item
  • Your Level gets Raised by 3
  • Your Level gets Lowered by 3
  • Your HP gets Raised
  • Your HP gets Lowered
  • Your opponent's HP gets Lowered
  • Create a Sandstorm
  • Create Sunny Weather
  • Create Rain
  • Create Hail
  • Create Fog
  • Trick Room comes into effect
  • You & Your Opponent switch Pokémon for this battle
  • You earn 1 BP for nothing
  • The Roulette is faster next turn
  • The Roulette is slower next turn
  • No Effect

Battle Arcade Frontier Brain

First Battle

Once you reach a streak of 21 in the Battle Hall, when you go to have your 21sth Battle, you will be challenged by the Frontier Brain of the Battle Arcade; Dahlia. Her Pokémon's level match your own. She has a set team in here so your strategy needs to be augmented by the choice in the Roulette. For example, make it so her Pokémon are losing health each turn. Beat her and you get the Silver Medal

Arcade Star Dahlia

Streak 21
Dusknoir Medicham Ludicolo
Second Battle

Continue in on the streak and continue to beat all the Pokémon. Once you get to your 49th Battle, you will be challenged again by Dahlia. Her Pokémon style has changed and now include legendaries. The options you have on the roulette are also increased but sped up so it adds even more difficulty

Arcade Star Dahlia

Streak 49
Zapdos Blaziken Togekiss