Every Pokémon game since 1996 has included its own list of Pokémon that are only found in that game in that particular generation. Platinum is no different. The Pokémon that are listed here are obtainable within the main game of Platinum or by trading or transferring from 4th and 3rd generations respectively. However, they are only in the wild in this game. Click their name for their Pokédex entry.

National No. Picture Name Type 1 Type 2
#114 Tangela  
#144 Articuno
#145 Zapdos
#146 Moltres
#357 Tropius
#377 Regirock
#378 Regice
#379 Registeel
#465 Tangrowth

There are also a few Pokémon that have new forms that are also only in Platinum. If you attempt to trade them or battle with them to Diamond & Pearl, they will revert back to their base forms. Click here for further information.

National No. Picture Name Type 1 Type 2
#479 Rotom Frost
#479 Rotom Wash
#479 Rotom Spin
#479 Rotom Cut
#479 Rotom Heat
#487 Giratina Origin Forme
#492 Shaymin Sky Forme