Unlike in Emerald, the gyms in Pokémon Platinum have all had a radical redesign in comparison to the gyms in Diamond & Pearl. These incorporate more puzzles than before in order to make it even more of an accomplishment to get the badge. We'll add each gym as we go, but until now we only have info for a small number of gyms

Gym #1 - Oreburgh Gym

The Oreburgh Gym remains unchanged from DP. It has several levels, one which allows you to avoid trainers and another that allows you to go straight through to Roark by battling trainers. You earn TM 76; Stealth Rock by defeating the gym

Roark Geodude
Lv. 12
Lv. 12
Lv. 14
Gym #2 - Eterna Gym

The Eterna City gym has a brand new puzzle to it. As opposed to finding and then battling each of the trainers within the gym. This time, there is an area with two blades in the middle with four exits on it. To make the blades move, you have to battle each of the trainers in there until you finally get to Gardenia. You earn TM 86; Grass Knot by defeating the gym

Gardenia Turtwig
Lv. 20
Lv. 20
Lv. 22
Gym #3 - Hearthome Gym

Hearthome Gym has also changed drastically. First, you can now do it first time you get to Hearthome. Instead of navigating multiple levels and hoping you choose the correct door to progress to the next area, it appears you are in a darkened maze, with only a flashlight illuminating the area directly in front of you to find a pattern that opens up doors. Bordered up with Duskull lamps, you will be able to see where other trainers are. Your task is to get through the maze to find Fantina and battle her. You earn TM 65; Shadow Claw by defeating the gym

Fantina Duskull
Lv. 24
Lv. 24
Lv. 26
Gym #4 - Veilstone Gym

Veilstone gym has also had an upgrade. Instead of sliding slits of wood into place to open a path, this time you have to move punching bags to knock out obstacles to make a path, battling trainers on your way. You earn TM 60; Drain Punch by defeating the gym

Maylene Meditite
Lv. 28
Lv. 29
Lv. 32
Gym #5 - Pastoria Gym

Pastoria Gym is now the 5th gym and has not had an upgrade. You still travel around the gym, controlling the water level so that platforms float and give access to other areas. You earn TM 55; Brine by defeating the gym

Crasher Wake Gyarados
Lv. 33
Lv. 34
Lv. 37
Gym #6 - Canalave Gym

Canalave Gym is the 6th gym and hasn't had any visible upgrades to the puzzle. Navigating multiple floors with lifts and platforms, you have to find the one right way up to Byron. You earn TM 91; Flash Cannon by defeating the gym

Byron Magneton
Lv. 37
Lv. 38
Lv. 41
Gym #7 - Snowpoint Gym

Canalave Gym is the 7th gym and has also had no upgrades, requiring you to navigate around the gym by sliding and destroying snowballs. You earn TM 72; Avalanche by defeating the gym

Candice Sneasel
Lv. 40
Lv. 40
Lv. 42
Lv. 44
Gym #8 - Sunyshore Gym

Sunyshore Gym is the 8th gym and has also had no upgrades. You earn TM 57; Charge Beam by defeating the gym

Volkner Jolteon
Lv. 46
Lv. 46
Lv. 48
Lv. 50
Battle Frontier - Volkner & Flint

While not a gym leader battle nor an elite four battle. When you get to the Battle Frontier, you get to battle both Flint & Volkner with your rival. This is a strong battle as their Pokémon are of high level

Volkner Jolteon
Lv. 56
Lv. 56
Lv. 58
Lv. 56
Lv. 56
Lv. 58