Hatchathon January 2019

Release Dates:

January 2nd 2019 - January 15th 2019

A special Egg event was held to celebrate the start of a new year. With this, 5km and 10km eggs will appear more from Poké Stops and you'll get double candy and Stardust on hatches

AnchorsShop Box

Event Effects

Effect Type
Candy Obtained * 2 (On Hatch)
Stardust Obtained *2 (On Hatch)

Event Item Boxes

Special BoxGreat BoxUltra Box
480 Coins780 Coins1480 Coins
Egg Incubator3
Lucky Egg2
Premium Raid Pass2
Star Piece2
Super Incubator5
Lucky Egg3
Premium Raid Pass3
Star Piece3
Egg Incubator6
Super Incubator10
Premium Raid Pass8
Lure Module8