Special Research

Special Research is a story mode featuring the story of Professor Willow and the task to find rare Mythical Pokémon. This is accessed when Professor Willow has an icon notification at the bottom right of the screen indicating he has a task for you. There are 8 different elements of the story, each with various tasks to complete, all of which getting more difficult with each stage.

Once complete, players then have a chance to get Mythical Pokémon including Mew.

Players can only go through each Special Research story once.

Mythical Encounters

Once you have cleared the quests, you then have the chance to capture the Mythical Pokémon. These are often set encounters and you can't change ball or use a berry. However, where possible the game forces Augmented Reality to run it.

For Mew, Mew will turn invisible in a short while, leaving a slight distortion. It will break the first two balls that hit it but then guarantee capture when the third ball hits. It is Level 15 and minimum of 10 IV in each stat.

In-Game Special Research

Research Name Release Date Focal Pokémon
A Mythical Discovery March 30th 2018 Mew
A Ripple In Time August 20th 2018 Celebi
A Spooky Message October 23rd 2018 Spiritomb
Let's Go, Meltan November 16th 2018 Meltan
Jump-Start Research June 28th 2019 None
A Troubling Situation July 23rd 2019 None
A Thousand-Year Slumber August 20th 2019 Jirachi
A Spooky Message 2019 October 17th 2019 Spiritomb
A Colossal Discovery November 2nd 2019 Regigigas
Looming in the Shadows November 7th 2019 None
A Challenging Development December 1st 2019 None
Celebrate 2019 December 14th 2019 None
The Take-Over Continues January 1st 2020 None
A Professor's Work Is Never Done February 1st 2020 None
The Shadowy Threat Grows March 1st 2020 None
A Drive To Investigate March 20th - March 26th 2020 Genesect
Investigating Illusions April 25th 2020 Abra
Seeing Double May 24th 2020 Seedot
Throwback Challenge 2020 Champion June 3rd - June 8th 2020 None
Throwback Challenge 2020 Celebration June 3rd - June 8th 2020 None
GO Fest Welcome July 25th Victini
The Great Gastly July 19th 2020 Gastly
GO Fest: Rocket Straight to Victory July 25th None
Making a Splash August 8th 2020 Magikarp
A Mega Discovery August 27th 2020 Beedrill
Decoding Porygon September 20th 2020 Porygon
A Tale of Tails October 17th 2020 Charmander
Investigate a Mysterious Energy September 30th 2020 Victini
An Inter-egg-sting Development October 12th 2020 None
A Spooky Message Unmasked October 24th 2020 None
Electric for Electabuzz November 15th 2020 Electabuzz
No Match for Magmar November 21st 2020 Magmar
Level 43 Challenge November 30th 2020 None
Level 45 Challenge November 30th 2020 None
Level 48 Challenge November 30th 2020 None
Level 50 Challenge November 30th 2020 None
December Community Day December 12th-13th 2020 None
Distracted by Something Shiny December 14th 2020 Celebi
Pokemon GO Tour Kanto February 20th 2021 None
Tap... Tap... Tappity-Tap... Decemer 19th - 20th 2020 Mr. Mime
Straight to the Top, Machop January 16th 2021 Machop
Stop and Smell the Roselia February 7th 2021 Roselia
The Bravest Bird March 6th 2021 Fletchling
The Higher They Fly... February 28th 2021 None
Season of Legends March 8th 2021 2021 None
Snivy in the Sunshine April 11th 2021 Snivy
Cotton-Winged Bird May 15th 2021 Swablu
Just a Nibble June 6th 2021 Gible
A Seven-Colored Shadow June 17th 2021 None
BIDOOF June 25th - July 1st 2021 Bidoof
Professor's Research July 1st 2021 - July 31st 2023 Meltan
Roasted Berries July 3rd 2021 Tepig
The Melody Pokemon July 17th 2021 None
Strange Rings July 18th 2021 None
What You Choose to Be August 14th 2021 Eevee
Misunderstood Mischief September 1st 2021 Hoopa
From Scalchops to Seamitars July 3rd 2021 Oshawott
Finding Your Voice September 21st 2021 Meloetta
Search for Zarude October 1st 2021 - October 10th 2021 Zarude
Nothing Dull About This Skull October 9th 2021 Duskull
What Lies Beneath the Mask October 15th 2021 Yamask
Flash, Spark, and Gleam October 9th 2021 Shinx
Mischief Unbound November 26th 2021 Hoopa
December Community Day 2021 December 18th-19th 2021 None
The Spheal Deal January 16th 2022 Spheal
Bulbasaur Community Day Classic January 22nd 2022 Bulbasaur
Voltorb from the Hisui Region January 30th 2022 Voltorb
A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away February 12th 2022 Hoppip
Pokemon GO Tour Johto February 26th 2022 None
A Melemele Adventure March 1st 2022 None
Gritty and Glacial March 13th 2022 Sandshrew
An Akala Adventure March 1st 2022 None
April Fools' 2-Oh-22 April 1st 2022 Ditto
Silent Schemes April 3rd 2022 None
An Ula'ula Adventure April 12th 2022 None
Pokemon Air Adventures x Pokemon GO May 7th- 8th 2022 None
Mudkip Community Day Classic April 10th 2022 Mudkip
Strong Stuff April 10th 2022 Bewear
A Mega Moment April 29th 2022 None
A Poni Adventure May 10th 2022 - June 1st 2022 None
A Rocky Road May 21st 2022 Geodude
Alola to Alola May 25th 2022 - June 1st 2022 None
Pokemon GO Fest 2022 June 4th 2022 None
Rhi's Arrival June 5th 2022 None
A Radiant World June 5th 2022 None
Field Notes: Deino June 25th 2022 Deino
Field Notes: Team GO Rocket July 10th - 11th 2022 None
Field Notes: Starly July 17th 2022 Starly
Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Seattle - Park Experience July 22nd - 24th 2022 None
Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Seattle - City Experience July 22nd - 24th 2022 None
A Mysterious Incense Part 1 July 25th 2022 None
A Mysterious Incense Part 2 July 25th 2022 None
Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Sapporo - Park Experience August 5th - 7th 2022 None
Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Sapporo - City Experience August 5th - 7th 2022 None
Field Notes: Galarian Zigzagoon August 13th 2022 Zigzagoon
Willow's Return August 27th 2022 None
A Radiant Reunion August 27th 2022 None
A Cosmic Companion September 1st - December 1st 2022 Cosmog
Rock 'n' Roll September 18th 2022 Roggenrola
Safari Zone Goyang 2022 September 23rd - 25th 2022 None
Field Notes: Tricks of the Light October 15th 2022 Litwick
Mysterious Masks October 19th 2022 Yamask
Safari Zone Taipei 2022 October 21st - 23rd 2022 None
Dratini Community Day Classic November 5th 2022 Dratini
Sweet Snacks November 12th 2022 Teddiursa
Ultra Beast Protection Efforts November 12th 2022 None
Safari Zone Singapore 2022 November 18th - 20th 2022 None
Ultra Beast Arrival: London Los Angeles November 26th 2022 None
Something Extraordinary December 10th - 11th 2022 None
December Community Day 2022 December 17th - 18th 2022 None
Quality Quills January 7th 2023 Chespin
Larvitar Community Day Classic January 21st 2023 Larvitar
Shadowy Skirmishes February 1st 2023 None
Abundant Noise February 5th 2023 Noibat
Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn - An Uneasy Alliance February 18th - 19th 2023 None
Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn - Chasing Legends February 18th - 26th 2023 None
Primal Rumblings February 16th - 19th 2023 None
Slow and Slower March 18th 2023 Slowpoke
Let's GO March 21st - 29th 2023 None
From the Shadows March 25th 2023 - June 30th 2023 None

Real-Life Event Special Research

Research Name Release Date Focal Pokémon
GO Fest 2018 July 14th - July 15th 2018 Celebi
Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Yokosuka August 29th - September 2nd None
GO Fest 2019 - Chicago July 13th - June 16th 2019 Jirachi
GO Fest 2019 - Dortmund July 4th - July 7th 2019 Jirachi
GO Fest 2019 - Yokohama August 6th - August 12th 2019 Jirachi
Safari Zone St. Louis March 27th - March 29th 2020 None
Safari Zone Liverpool April 17th - April 19th 2020 None
Safari Zone Philadelphia May 8th - May 11th 2020 None
City Spotlight 2020 November 22nd 2020 None
GO Tour: Live - Step into Kanto February 27th 2022 None
Safari Zone Seville 2022 May 13th 2022 - May 15th 2022 None
Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Berlin July 1st - 3rd 2022 None