Pokémon GO is a free to play game, and as such has numerous aspects that require purchasing using in-game currency.

Item Shop
There are various purchasable items that you can obtain in the game. While you can obtain many of these items through levelling up your player and by visiting PokéStops, you can outright purchase them using PokéCoins

The items you can purchase are as follows

Picture Item Cost
20 Poké Balls 100 PokéCoins
100 Poké Balls 460 PokéCoins
200 Poké Balls 800 PokéCoins
10 Max Potions 180 PokéCoins
6 Max Revives 180 PokéCoins
Incense 80 PokéCoins
8 Incense 500 PokéCoins
25 Incense 1250 PokéCoins
Lucky Egg 80 PokéCoins
8 Lucky Egg 500 PokéCoins
25 Lucky Egg 1250 PokéCoins
Lure Module 100 PokéCoins
8 Lure Modules 680 PokéCoins
Egg Incubator 150 PokéCoins
Bag Upgrade 200 PokéCoins
Pokémon Storage Upgrade 200 PokéCoins
Premium Raid Pass 100 PokéCoins
Item Shop
PokéCoins can be somewhat tricky to get. The easiest way to get them is to simply purchase them outright. However, if you hold multiple gyms, then once every 21 hours you can get a bonus. You will get a number of coins of 1 coin for every 10 minutes a Pokémon defends a gym, with a cap of 50 Coins per day.

However, as that is limited and you may wish to purchase multiple things to expand your Pokémon capabilities, purchasing the PokéCoins is the next best option.

PokéCoin Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price Europe Price
100 PokéCoins 120¥ $0.99 Ł0.79 €0.99
550 PokéCoins 600¥ $4.99 Ł4.99 €4.99
1200 PokéCoins 1200¥ $9.99 Ł9.99 €9.99
2500 PokéCoins 2400¥ $19.99 Ł19.99 €19.99
5200 PokéCoins 4800¥ $39.99 Ł39.99 €39.99
14500 PokéCoins 11800¥ $99.99 Ł99.99 €99.99