Pokémon GO Battle League

The Pokémon GO Battle League is the competitive element of Pokémon GO. Utilising the Trainer Battle system, it allows for players to face each other at random across the world. As you battle, you will increase your ranking getting rewards with every battle and every win

This League runs in seasons that rotate every two or so months.

Pokémon GO Battle League

Entering the GO Battle League

To enter the GO Battle League, you have to walk 5 km. This will charge up your device so you can participate in 5 online battles. You can also spend Poké Coins to use Battle Now to skip this charge. You can charge up 3 times a day meaning you are limited to 15 battles a day..

When in, you can also use Premium Battle Passes. This allows for you to get better rewards from the battles.

When you win a battle, you will receive various rewards, and you'll also receive rewards based on your ranking when the Season is over.

Pokémon GO Battle League

List of GO Battle League Seasons

Season 6 Season 6 November 30th 2020 21:00 UTC - February 2021
Season 5 Season 5 November 9th 2020 21:00 UTC - November 30th 2020 21:00 UTC
Season 4 Season 4 September 14th 2020 20:00 UTC - November 9th 2020 20:00 UTC
Season 3 Season 3 July 27th 2020 20:00 UTC - September 14th 2020 20:00 UTC
Season 2 Season 2 May 1st 2020 20:00 UTC - July 27th 2020 20:00 UTC
Season 1 Season 1 March 13th 2020 21:00 UTC - May 1st 2020 20:00 UTC
Preseason Preseason January 28th 2020 21:00 UTC - March 13 2020 21:00 UTC