Form Change

While in the first 5 years of Pokémon GO, Pokémon with alternate forms were stuck as specific forms, starting in September 2021, Pokémon form changing was introduced. This only works for specific Pokémon and will cost you Candy and Stardust.

Some Pokémon's form changes are cosmetic while others include change of type

Pokémon GO Form Change

List of Pokémon That Change Forms

Base Form Cost Alternate Form
Pic Name Type Pic Name Type
Shaymin 25 Candy
10,0000 Stardust
Shaymin (Sky Forme)
Furfrou 25 Candy
10,000 Stardust
Furfrou (Heart Trim)
Event Only
Furfrou (Star Trim)
Asia Pacific
Furfrou (Diamond Trim)
Europe, Middle East & Asia
Furfrou (Deputante Trim)
Furfrou (Matron Trim)
Furfrou (Dandy Trim)
Furfrou (La Reine Trim)
Furfrou (Kabuki Trim)
Furfrou (Pharaoh Trim)
Zygarde 50 Zygarde Cells - 10% to 50%
200 Zygarde Cells - 50% to Complete
Zygarde (10% Forme)
Zygarde (50% Forme)
Zygarde Cell
50 Zygarde Cells from 10% Forme
Zygarde (Complete Forme)
Zygarde Cell
200 Zygarde Cells from 50% Forme
Hoopa Confined to Unbound - 50 Candy
Unbound to Confined - 10 Candy
Confined to Unbound - 10,000
Unbound to Confined - 2,000 Stardust
Hoopa (Hoopa Unbound)