When in the game map, there will often be various blue portals dotted around. These are PokéStops. PokéStops are small areas based on various landmarks in the region such as monuments, town halls, works of art, churches and so forth. PokéStops don't really offer much, but you can spin the landmark on your screen in order to get between 3 and 9 items. These items appear on the screen and can be touched to redeem. You will also receive 50 XP for each PokéStop you visit, or 100 XP if you get over 6 items.

After this, the PokéStop becomes unusable for a short period of time of about 5 minutes. After that period is over, you can return to the PokéStop and get more items.

You can also assign items to a PokéStop such as a Lure Modulator. The Lure Modulator will attract wild Pokémon to the PokéStop for you and all other players in the local viscinity.

As of Version 1.17, you could start getting daily streaks of PokéStops. These increase the amount of items you obtain at the first PokéStop of the day and continue onto a streak of up to 7. When you hit Day 7, you get well over 15 items. As of Version 1.2.7 this includes evolution items as a high probability on Day 7.

PokéStop Items

Picture Name Requirements
Dragon Scale None
Egg Beginning
Great Ball Reach Level 12
Hyper Potion Reach Level 15
King's Rock None
Max Potion Reach Level 25
Max Revive Reach Level 30
Metal Coat None
Nanab Berry Reach Level 8
Pinap Berry Reach Level 8
Poké Ball Beginning
Potion Reach Level 5
Razz Berry Reach Level 8
Revive Reach Level 5
Sun Stone None
Super Potion Reach Level 10
Ultra Ball Reach Level 20
Up-Grade None