Team GO Rocket

Team GO Rocket Details

Team GO Rocket are an offshoot of the Team Rocket from the main series games. In Pokémon GO, Team GO Rocket will appear at PokéStops at times. When a PokéStop is darker blue and the cube on it is spinning, that means a member of Team GO Rocket is there. When you spin the stop, they will appear and challenge you.

The battles are standard Trainer Battles, but you have to use a team while they use two Pokémon at CP of around 2200-2500 and a final one of CP around 3200 for Great League, 3300-3500 for the first two and ~4500 for the final one for Ultra League and exceeeding that with Master League and higher making the battle very tough.

Team GO Rocket

Shadow Pokémon

After defeating the Team GO Rocket grunt, you'll get the chance to capture their Pokémon. This Pokémon is a strange Pokémon known as a Shadow Pokémon. You will have only a few Premier Balls to capture the Pokémon in, with the Ball Bonus increasing as you Purify Shadow Pokémon and defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts.

Each Shadow Pokémon has only a base 5% chance of capture and they attack far more often than their standard counterparts.

Once you have captured the Pokémon or failed to capture the Pokémon, the stop returns to normal.

Team GO Rocket

Choosing Teams

As you have to choose your team before you battle Team GO Rocket, you'll typically not be able to know what Pokémon to bring which can put you at a disadvantage. There is, however, a trick with this. When you're about to battle, the Grunt will provide a sentence that gives you details on what you should expect so you can plan your team out accordingly.

Type Text
Mixed Winning is for winners.
Don't bother, I've already won
Get ready to be defeated!
Bug Go, my super bug Pokémon!!
Dark Wherever there is light, there is also shadow!
Fairy Check out my cute Pokémon!
Fire Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can get?
Flying My Flying-type Pokémon wants to battle with you
Dragon ROAR! ... How'd that sound?
Flying I want to let my bird Pokémon battle you
Grass Don't tangle with us!
Ground You'll be defeated into the ground!
Normal Normal does not mean weak
Poison Coiled and ready to strike!
Psychic Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?
Rock Let's rock and roll!
Water The waters are treacherous!
Team GO Rocket