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Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game and as such, there are numerous different real life events which provide a myriad of special features and/or things to do. This page will list all of these special events, things to do within them and any unique attributes.

Pikachu's Indonesia Journey in YogyakartaPikachu's Indonesia Journey in Yogyakarta August 24th - 25th 2024 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Pokemon GO Fest 2024 New York CityPokemon GO Fest 2024 New York City July 5th - 7th 2024 New York, USA
Pokemon GO Fest 2024 MadridPokemon GO Fest 2024 Madrid June 14th - 16th 2024 Madrid, Spain
Pokemon GO Fest 2024 SendaiPokemon GO Fest 2024 Sendai May 30th 2024 - June 2nd 2024 Sendai City, Japan
Pikachu's Indonesia Journey in SurabayaPikachu's Indonesia Journey in Surabaya May 11th - 12th 2024 Surabaya, Indonesia
A New LATAM AdventureA New LATAM Adventure May 5th - June 15th 2024 Latin America
Pokemon Town 2024Pokemon Town 2024 April 26th - May 15th 2024 Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea
City Safari - TainanCity Safari - Tainan March 9th - 10th 2024 Tainan
Pikachu's Indonesia JourneyPikachu's Indonesia Journey March 2nd - 3rd 2024 Bali, Indonesia
GO Tour: Sinnoh: Los AngelesGO Tour: Sinnoh: Los Angeles February 17th - 18th 2024 Los Angeles, California
Asakusa Route Eight ViewsAsakusa Route Eight Views November 25th to December 12th 2023 Tokyo
Art Through The Ages 2023Art Through The Ages 2023 October 16th - November 12th 2023 Paris, France
Pokemon Regional Championships 2024 SeriesPokemon Regional Championships 2024 Series September 2023 - June 2024 US
City Safari - Mexico CityCity Safari - Mexico City November 4th - 5th 2023 Mexico City, Mexico
City Safari - BarcelonaCity Safari - Barcelona October 13th - 14th 2023 Barcelona, Spain
City Safari - SeoulCity Safari - Seoul October 7th - 8th 2023 Seoul, South Korea
Pokemon GO Fest 2023 New York CityPokemon GO Fest 2023 New York City August 18th - August 20th 2023 New York, USA
Pokemon World Championships 2023Pokemon World Championships 2023 August 11th 2022 - August 13th 2023 Yokohama, Japan
Pokemon GO Fest 2023 LondonPokemon GO Fest 2023 London August 4th - August 6th 2023 London, UK
Pokemon GO Fest 2023 OsakaPokemon GO Fest 2023 Osaka August 4th - August 6th 2023 Osaka, Japan
Pokemon Air Adventures - Jeju IslandPokemon Air Adventures - Jeju Island July 28th - 30th 2023 Jeju Island, South Korea
Arraia Do Pokemon GOArraia Do Pokemon GO June 24th - July 10th 2023 Brazil
Pokemon North America International Championships 2023Pokemon North America International Championships 2023 June 30th- July 2nd 2023 Colombus, Ohio
Summer Games FestSummer Games Fest June 9th - 11th 2023 San Diego, US
Pokemon Europe International Championships 2023Pokemon Europe International Championships 2023 April 14th - 16th 2023 London, UK
Special Event in SurabayaSpecial Event in Surabaya April 2nd - April 9th 2023 Surabaya, Indonesia
GO Tour: Hoenn: Las VegasGO Tour: Hoenn: Las Vegas February 18th - 19th 2022 Las Vegas, Nevada
Let's Go to Hills in Japan - Magome-jukuLet's Go to Hills in Japan - Magome-juku February 17th - February 28th 2023 Magome-juku - Nakatsugawa City, Gifu, Japan
Taipei Lantern Festival 2023Taipei Lantern Festival 2023 February 10th - February 12th 2023 Taipei City
Let's Go to Hills in Japan - OkayamaLet's Go to Hills in Japan - Okayama January 20th - February 5th 2023 Takahashi City, Okayama, Japan
Let's Go to Hills in JapanLet's Go to Hills in Japan December 16th 2022 - March 31st 2023 Motoizaka, Japan
Waktu Indonesia NangkepWaktu Indonesia Nangkep November 30th - January 8th 2022 Indonesia
Ultra Beast ArrivalUltra Beast Arrival November 26th 2022 London, UK
EGX 2022EGX 2022 September 22nd - 25th 2022 London, UK
Safari Zone SingaporeSafari Zone Singapore November 18th - 20th 2022 Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Safari Zone Taipei CitySafari Zone Taipei City October 21st - 23rd 2022 Taipei City
Safari Zone GoyangSafari Zone Goyang September 23rd - 25th 2022 Goyang
Pokemon Regional Championships 2023 Series EuropePokemon Regional Championships 2023 Series Europe September 2022 - June 2023 Europe
Pokemon Regional Championships 2023 SeriesPokemon Regional Championships 2023 Series September 2022 - June 2023 US
PAX West 2022PAX West 2022 September 2nd - 4th 2022 Seattle, US
Old Friends, New Beginnings PolandOld Friends, New Beginnings Poland August 24th - September 20th Poland
Pokemon World Championships 2022Pokemon World Championships 2022 August 17th 2022 - August 21st 2022 ExCeL, London
Pokemon Festival 2022Pokemon Festival 2022 August 10th - 14th 2022 South Korea
Cross Shinjuku VisionCross Shinjuku Vision August 8th - September 5th 2022 Shinjuku Station, Tokyo
GenconGencon August 4th - 7th 2022 Indianapolis
Old Friends, New BeginningsOld Friends, New Beginnings July 14th - July 21st Turkey
Pokemon North America International ChampionshipsPokemon North America International Championships June 23rd - 26th 2022 Columbus, US
Pokemon GO Fest 2022 SapporoPokemon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo August 5th - August 7th 2022 Sapporo, Japan
Pokemon GO Fest 2022 SeattlePokemon GO Fest 2022 Seattle July 23rd - July 25th 2022 Seattle US
Pokemon GO Fest 2022 BerlinPokemon GO Fest 2022 Berlin July 1st - July 3rd 2022 Berlin, Germany
Pokemon Regional Championships 2022 EuropePokemon Regional Championships 2022 Europe May 21st - June 2022 Europe
Safari Zone SevilleSafari Zone Seville May 13th - May 15th 2022 Seville, Spain
Pokemon Regional Championships 2022Pokemon Regional Championships 2022 May 6th - June 2022 Indianapolis, US
Pokemon Air Adventures x Pokemon GOPokemon Air Adventures x Pokemon GO May 7th - May 8th 2022 Okinawa, Japan
Children's DayChildren's Day April 29th - 30 2022 Latin America
Pokemon European International Championships 2022Pokemon European International Championships 2022 April 22nd - April 24th 2022 Frankfurt, Germany
April SplashApril Splash April 13th - 17th 2022 Thailand
Pokemon Air Adventures Collaboration - OkinawaPokemon Air Adventures Collaboration - Okinawa March 19th 2022 - March 19th 2023 Okinawa, Japan
Pokemon GO Tour: LivePokemon GO Tour: Live February 27th 2022 Monterrey, Mexico
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Chansey in FukushimaChansey in Fukushima December 11th - 12th 2021 Japan
Special Weekend December 2021Special Weekend December 2021 December 11th - 12th 2021 Japan
Special Weekend May 2021Special Weekend May 2021 May 29th 2021 Japan
Special Weekend November 2020 USSpecial Weekend November 2020 US November 7th - 8th 2020 US
Special Weekend November 2020 MexicoSpecial Weekend November 2020 Mexico November 7th 2020 Mexico
Special Weekend November 2020Special Weekend November 2020 November 7th - 8th 2020 Japan
Safari Zone PhiladelphiaSafari Zone Philadelphia May 8th - 10th 2020 Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, United States
Safari Zone LiverpoolSafari Zone Liverpool April 17th - 19th 2020
Repeat: October 15th - 17th 2021
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Safari Zone St. LouisSafari Zone St. Louis March 27th - 29th 2020 St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Taiwan Lantern FestivalTaiwan Lantern Festival February 6th - 9th 2020 Taichung, Taiwan
Pokemon Center London Tie-inPokemon Center London Tie-in October 11th - November 15th 2019 London, England
Lapras in MiyagiLapras in Miyagi October 19th - November 4th 2019 Miyagi Japan
New Taipei City Safari ZoneNew Taipei City Safari Zone October 3rd - 6th 2019 New Taipei City, Taiwan
Hokkaido Great AdventureHokkaido Great Adventure September 21st - September 29th 2019 Hokkaido Japan
Safari Zone MontrealSafari Zone Montreal September 20th - 22nd 2019 Montreal, Canada
Pokemon World Championships 2019Pokemon World Championships 2019 August 16th 2019 - August 18th 2019 Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.
GO Fest Yokohama 2019GO Fest Yokohama 2019 August 6th - 12th 2019 Yokohama, Japan
Team GO Rocket New York InvasionTeam GO Rocket New York Invasion July 26th 2019 New York City
GO Fest Dortmund 2019GO Fest Dortmund 2019 July 4th - 7th 2019 Westfalen Park - Dortmund, Germany
Pokemon Go in SanrikuPokemon Go in Sanriku July 1st - 11th 2019 Iwate Prefecture
GO Fest Chicago 2019GO Fest Chicago 2019 June 13th - 16th 2019 Grant Park - Chicago, Illinois
Pokemon GO Week in Korea 2019Pokemon GO Week in Korea 2019 May 4th - 6th 2019 Seoul, South Korea
Tucson Heart WalkTucson Heart Walk April 27th 2019 Tucson
NHK Osaka Heisei Period ExhibitionNHK Osaka Heisei Period Exhibition April 27th - 30th 2019 Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan
Sentosa Safari ZoneSentosa Safari Zone April 18th - 22nd 2019 Sentosa, Singapore
Special Weekend April 2019Special Weekend April 2019 April 6th - 7th 2019 Japan
2019 Convention Events2019 Convention Events March 23rd - 24th 2019 Global
ITB Berlin 2019ITB Berlin 2019 March 6th - 10th 2019 Berlin, Germany
2019 Mobile World Congress2019 Mobile World Congress February 25th - February 28th 2019 Free
Tokaigi Game Party 2019Tokaigi Game Party 2019 January 26th - January 27th 2019 Free
Safari Zone at Porto AlegreSafari Zone at Porto Alegre January 25th - January 27th 2019 Parque Marinha do Brasil, Porto Alegre
Sandshrew Festival in Tottori Tie-InSandshrew Festival in Tottori Tie-In December 6th - December 19th 2018 Tottori, Japan
Tainan Safari ZoneTainan Safari Zone November 1st - November 5th 2018 Tainan Metropolitan Park, Tainan, Taiwan
AR Playground with NianticAR Playground with Niantic October 12th 2018 - October 21st 2018 Roppongi Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan
Pokemon Lets Go RoadtripPokemon Lets Go Roadtrip September 29th - November 15th 2018 1342 5th Street in Santa Monica, California - September 29th 2018
4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco - October 6th 2018
Alderwood Mall, Seattle - October 13th 2018
Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, Texas - October 20th 2018
MCM Comic Con - ExCeL Convention Center - London, England - October 26th - 28th 2018
849 SW Zoo Pkwy - Topeka, Kansas - October 27th 2018
Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois - November 3rd 2018
Boston, Massachusetts - November 10th 2018
Nintendo NY, New York City - November 15th 2018
Pokemon GO Week in Korea 2018Pokemon GO Week in Korea 2018 September 14th - September 26th 2018 Seoul, South Korea
Pokemon World Championships 2018Pokemon World Championships 2018 August 24th 2018 - August 26th 2018 Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Yokosuka Safari ZoneYokosuka Safari Zone August 29th 2018 - September 2nd 2018 Yokosuka, Japan
Special WeekendSpecial Weekend July 26th - July 29th 2018 Japan
GO Fest 2018GO Fest 2018 July 14th 2018 - July 15th 2018 Lincoln Park - Chicago, Illinois
Dortmund Safari ZoneDortmund Safari Zone June 30th - July 1st 2018 Dortmund, Germany
E3 2018E3 2018 June 12th 2018 - June 15th 2018 Los Angeles, California, United States
Slowpoke PrefectureSlowpoke Prefecture March 31st 2018 - April 1st 2018 Kagawa, Japan
Chiayi Safari ZoneChiayi Safari Zone February 26th 2018 - March 3rd 2018 Chiayi, Taiwan
Tottori Safari ZoneTottori Safari Zone November 24th 2017 - November 26th 2017 Tottori, Japan
Europe Safari Zone 2017Europe Safari Zone 2017 September 16th 2017 - October 14th 2017 October 7th 2017 - Fisketorvet, Copenhagen (Denmark) & Centrum Cerny Most, Prague (Czech Republic)
October 14th 2017 - Stadshart Amstelveen, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) & Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm (Sweden)
September 16th 2017 - Centro, Oberhausen (Germany), Les Quatre Temps, Paris (France) & La Maquinista, Barcelona (Spain)
Pokemon World Championships 2017Pokemon World Championships 2017 August 18th 2017 - August 20th 2017 Anaheim Convention Center, California
GO StadiumGO Stadium August 14th 2017 Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan
GO ParkGO Park August 9th 2017 - August 15th 2017 Yokohama Red Brick Park and the Cup Noodle Museum Park, Yokohama, Japan
Chester Heritage FestivalChester Heritage Festival July 22nd 2017 - July 23rd 2017 - 10:00 - 16:00 BST Chester, Cheshire, England
GO Fest 2017GO Fest 2017 July 22nd 2017 Grant Park - Chicago, Illinois
Snorlax OutbreakSnorlax Outbreak March 4th 2017 - March 13th 2017 Oita & Kumamuto
Lapras OutbreakLapras Outbreak November 11th 2016 - November 22nd 2016 Iwate, Miyagi & Fukushima Prefectures