Stardust Blast 2019
Release Dates:

October 3rd - October 10th 2019

A special Stardust event was held which boosted the capture and hatch Stardust obtained. This event didn't have any other bonuses

Event Effects

Effect Type
Capture Stardust *2
Hatch Stardust *2
Team GO Rocket Battle Stardust Reward *2
Guaranteed Raid Stardust 2000

Event Item Boxes

Special BoxUltra BoxAdventure Box
480 Coins1480 Coins1480 Coins
Premium Raid Pass1
Super Incubator3
Star Piece2
Premium Raid Pass15
Lure Module4
Super Incubator5
Star Piece4
Super Incubator12
Star Piece4
Egg Incubator2
Lure Module4