Trading Event

Release Dates:

August 2nd 2018 - August 19th 2018

To commemorate the increase in trades, this promotion includes a special discount on Stardust in trades as well as ain increase in Candy on trades and triple experience

AnchorsShop Box

Event Effects

Effect Type
Candy Obtained +3 (on Trades)
Experience Boost *3 - New Pokédex Data
Stardust Obtained 25% Discount (On Trades)

Event Item Boxes

Special BoxGreat BoxUltra Box
480 Coins780 Coins1480 Coins
Egg Incubator2
Lucky Egg4
Star Piece4
Super Incubator4
Lucky Egg6
Star Piece6
Lure Module4
Super Incubator10
Lucky Egg9
Premium Raid Pass6
Lure Module9