Old Friends, New Beginnings

Date Released: July 14th - July 21st 2022

This research was released for players in Turkey to celebrate Turkish being added as a language in Pokémon GO. This was then held in various parts of Europe before hitting much of Europe including France, Germany and the UK in May 2023

Research Tasks

Task Task Reward Total Reward
Old Friends, New Beginnings
1 / 2
Earn 12 Hearts with your buddy
BulbasaurBulbasaur Encounter
Bulbasaur CandyBulbasaur Candy * 20
Charmander CandyCharmander Candy * 20
Squirtle CandySquirtle Candy * 20
Earn 3000 XP
CharmanderCharmander Encounter
Power Up Pokémon 10 times
SquirtleSquirtle Encounter
2 / 2
Claim Reward
Venusaur Mega EnergyVenusaur Mega Energy * 100
Pikachu Pikachu Encounter
Pikachu CandyPikachu Candy * 20
Claim Reward
Charizard Mega EnergyCharizard Mega Energy * 100
Claim Reward
Blastoise Mega EnergyBlastoise Mega Energy * 100