Sync Grids

Sync Grids are a new feature that allow you to enhance your Sync Pairs beyond their basic powers. These require specific Sync Orbs in order to be purchased. At the start of Syngle Player battles you may see a chance of getting Sync Orbs which will activate when you use a Sync Move for that Sync Pair. In addition to that, in co-op you can get Co-Op Sync Orbs that youi can then exchange for trainer specific Sync Orbs.

In the grid, there are multiple different options for you to select. These allow you to power up your Pokémon, however there's a catch. Doing so takes energy and you only have 60 Energy meaning you have have to choose wisely as to what upgrades you want. Each Sync Pair has got a Sync Grid which allows for you to boost their stats, but each month multiple Sync Pairs get Enhanced Grids.

With the enhanced trainers you have to unlock the different paths to get to your desired result. A grid option won't activate unless your Sync Move is at a specific level and you have activated an adjacent grid. As such, you need to think carefully as to which ones you activate as they each use energy. However, you can reset the grid at any time.

Sync Grid Image

List of Sync Pairs with Enhanced Sync Grids

Piture Trainer Style Base Potential Pokémon
Flannery Tech☆☆☆Torkoal
Flint Strike☆☆☆☆Infernape
Main Character
Main Character Strike☆☆☆Pikachu
Professor Oak
Professor Oak ☆☆☆Mew
Pryce Strike☆☆☆Seel
Steven Strike☆☆☆☆☆Metagross
Metagross (Mega Metagross)