Shop & Microtransactions

Pokémon Masters EX is a mobile game and like all mobile games, has a monetisation scheme that will allow you to progress in the game, get new Sync pairs and more items.

Sync Pair Scout

While the game does allow you to obtain many Sync Pairs as you play through the game's story, there is another way to get them and that is to Summon them by going to Sync Pair Scout when in the Pokémon Center. To do this, you need to spend 300 Gems in order to send out a scout, or you can exchange 3,000 at once in order to obtain 10 Sync Pairs at once. You also have a daily discount Sync Pair

This will bring in a Sync Pair. If it's a pair you have yet to receive, then they are added to your collection. If it is a Sync Pair you have already, then it will just power up their Sync Move. If the Sync Move has already reached the maximum, then you'll receive the ☆Power Up item equal to the stars of the Sync Pair you received

With each Scout, you will receive 3 Scout Points. When you have 400, you can then select a specific Sync Pair that you desire.

The Sync Pairs available through scouting will change over time.

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Purchasing Gems

Gems are the main currency in the game and, while you get a decent amount through Story Chapters and Missions, there is also the capability to purchase them. This is done using real money and can be done as soon as you've completed Chapter 2.

There are no limits to the amount of Gems you can purchase in the game unless you have the account flag you as a child in which you can't purchase more than 8,000 Gems a month. The game can also notify you if you are purchasing a lot of Gems.

Most of the time, there is a set amount of Gems you can purchase but there will sometimes be special bundles for sale.

Standard Purchaseable Bundles

Gem AmountGBPUSD
100 GemsŁ0.99$0.99
1500 GemsŁ12.99$12.99
400 GemsŁ3.99$3.99
3400 GemsŁ28.99$29.99
5200 GemsŁ43.99$44.99
9800 GemsŁ74.99$79.99
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Item Exchange

The Item Exchange is a special section where you can exchange various items and coins for other items. This allows for you to spend Coins you have earned on the game for many things including Item Exchange exclusive items such as Evolution Shards and rare items like Gym Leader's Notes

In addition to the standard exchanges, there are special event exchanges that will run for set times or for the duration of an event.

Item Exchange Image