Legendary Arena Events

Legendary Arena Events are a different kind of event. These battles are strong battles against Legendary Pokémon that you don't befriend, but defeat to get some rare prizes.

These battles allow for you to use up to 30 Sync Pairs to defeat the boss. The boss is typically incredibly hard to defeat and has three phases of health and damage to go through to defeat it.

Legendary Arena Events Image

List of Legendary Arena Events

Image Name Duration
Legendary Arena AzelfLegendary Arena AzelfSeptember 16th 2020 06:00 UTC - September 30th 2020 06:00 UTC
Legendary Arena LatiosLegendary Arena LatiosAugust 20th 2020 06:00 UTC - September 3rd 2020 06:00 UTC
Legendary Arena CobalionLegendary Arena CobalionJuly 7th 2020 06:00 UTC - July 21st 2020 06:00 UTC
Legendary Arena EnteiLegendary Arena EnteiJune 11th 2020 06:00 UTC - June 25th 2020 06:00 UTC